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How To Freshen Up After Cycling To Work

by Alexandra Parren
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cycling to work bike commute

Cycling to work is a fantastic habit and should be encouraged wherever possible. Cycling to work is great for your health, it's great for the environment, it allows you to incorporate more exercise into your busy day, and will save you on commuting costs! Unfortunately, if your commute is uphill or a good few miles away, chances are you'll get to work a sweaty mess and feeling rotten all day. Follow these tips to freshen up after cycling to work and for all your cycling to work essentials.

How to clean up at work after a commute

Some people are lucky enough to have a shower at work. If this is the case for you, this is probably your best option. Of course, you'll need to make sure you have enough time to get ready and that you have everything you need like a towel and change of clothes. However, if you plan on cycling to work and have no shower, there are plenty of other options.

Whether you are cycling 3 miles to work or cycling 30 miles to work, you might end up getting sweaty. The best thing you can do to instantly feel better is to change your clothes when you get to work. Change out of your cycling to work clothes into something dry and clean. Freshen up with baby wipes and a fresh spritz of deodorant to control any odour.

Thankfully nowadays there are active tops you can wear which will prevent any sweat patches forming and even prevent odour. The Sundried Olperer t-shirt is made from highly functional recycled fabrics which block odour and prevent sweat marks so that you will still feel super fresh when you get to work. 

Cycling to work essentials

Cycling to work clothes 

Wearing a separate set of clothes for your commute is paramount for being comfortable throughout the rest of the day. There's nothing worse than sitting in sweaty clothes as you cool down and then start to feel cold! Make sure you have an outfit with sweat-wicking technical tops and flexible trousers or leggings so that you can be comfortable on the ride and then change into your smart work clothes when you get to the office.


It goes without saying that an extra dose of deodorant when you get to the office will go a long way. 

Baby wipes

These will be your best friend if you don't have a shower at work. You can wipe your face and underarms with baby wipes or any type of sanitary wipe in order to freshen up and remove any sweat. Taking a towel will then also allow you to wipe away any moisture and make you feel more comfortable. Scented wipes may also be even better, depending on your preference.

Bike rack with panniers

But how do you transport your lunch and work clothes on the bike? Taking a saddlebag or two is the best way, and if you roll your work clothes in the right way, they won't get wrinkled. You could also put a dryer sheet in with your work clothes so that they don't smell stale when you get them out to put on.

cycling to work bike commuting

Top tips to make your commute (and work day) more bearable

Save the sweat for the way home

When cycling to work, you are not on a mission to improve your VO2 max and get a new power PR. Take it easy and really take your time. If you go slow enough and keep your heart rate low, you may not even break a sweat. If you do want to use this as time to add exercise into your day, push hard on the way home when you know you can shower as soon as you get in.

Give yourself plenty of time

As above, you need to be able to take it slow, so allowing yourself plenty of time is important. You will also need time once you arrive to freshen yourself up. If you are rushing, you will just end up more flustered and sweaty.

Respect the weather

If it is raining or very hot, you know you will be more of a mess when you arrive. A crisp, dry spring or autumn day is the perfect time to commute by bike, not the height of summer. If it gets particularly hot in your city, just bear this in mind and plan accordingly.

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