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Boxing To Get Fit

Boxing Gym London Padwork Sparring Get Fit

Sundried ambassador Kris Hughes tells us how to use boxing as an effective way of getting fit.

Is boxing a good way of getting fit?

Yes! Boxing training is beneficial for so many training goals and the workouts can be adapted to suit just about anyone. With a high cardiovascular demand, boxing is great for burning calories, leaning out your upper body and abs, building strength in your arms and shoulders as well as boosting your endurance for various sports. Also, as much as it receives a view of being aggressive in nature, it can be a very relaxing and soothing form of exercise by releasing daily tensions in a safe and managed manner to help you get that much-desired beauty sleep.

Can boxing help me lose weight?

Definitely! Boxing burns a lot of calories with its physical nature so expect to see some great results. Also, with most calorie burning exercises being viewed as your standard cardio workouts of running and cycling, it is great to put more focus on your upper body and have some fun variety from the usual routines.

Is boxing easy?

I like to describe why boxing is tiring in a simple way. We tend to use our legs for cardio (as in cycling or running), so imagine doing the same duration and style of work but on your hands! All of a sudden it sounds brutal. Boxing is a cardiovascular work focussing more around these muscles so trust me it will be tiring (but fun) even for the seasoned athlete. Yes, you can just use pad work or heavy bag exercises but there is so much more to a boxing workout than just flinging big punches: the techniques, the footwork, the utilisation of your core and base strength and endurance exercises make this a full body workout to remember.

Can anyone do boxing?

Absolutely. Boxing can be suitable for anyone whether it be kids, athletes, beginners or even pregnant women.  As long as the session is adequately designed for your specific needs then there is no reason why you can’t fling a few punches for fun/fitness.

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