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Surfer Shares Her Top Products For A Day At The Beach

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The "less is more" philosophy definitely applies to planning for a day surfing at the beach. I like to pack simple but smart and after many years of trial and error I am pleased to share my top products for a day at the beach.

Surfer beach summer Sundried activewear

Srface Wetsuits

Where the urban surfing lifestyle meets the ocean. For me, Srface wetsuits have encompassed everything missing in the wetsuit industry right now. Not only have they brought this to life but made it easily available to a wide range of surfers and ocean lovers. Their goal was to develop the warmest suit possible while allowing us to have the highest freedom of movement through their highly tested materials.

To me, Srface is adventure; it's long days of surfing and sharing waves with your loved ones and friends and never having to compromise on quality.  The new women's range will be available online in early Autumn, so keep your eyes peeled.  My absolute must-have for a day of surfing (which is every day)!

Bare Republic

Long days exposed to harmful rays are not only damaging to the skin but also dangerous. I have very sensitive skin and I have tried too many sun protection brands to mention. Bare Republic is the answer for water sport lovers and sun chasers. Cruelty-free, water-resistant, broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection, which combines antioxidant-rich oils, plant extracts and non-nano mineral actives zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Not to mention the biodegradable and reef-friendly products are proudly free of chemical actives, synthetic fragrances, and parabens.

Deeside Water

Deeside Water flows from an ancient spring in one of the most beautiful, unspoiled parts of Scotland. It is a remote area located 600 feet above sea level within the protected Cairngorms National Park and close to Balmoral Castle. I drink a lot of water and being sponsored by such a prestigious brand means I am never short of hydration on the go. Bottles and bottles of Deeside are my number one choice for any beach day.

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Pulsin Energy Bars

Surfing really takes its toll on your body, regardless of your level, and you burn off more energy than you think. Besides an over-packed lunch, I always carry a few (many) Pulsin energy bars to replenish and maintain my energy stores. All pulsin products are gluten-free, vegan or vegetarian, non-GM and are made using the finest natural, nutritious and delicious ingredients.

Clayton Surfboards

I have been sponsored by Clayton for many years now (in fact my very first custom board was from Clayton) and he never fails to shape the most amazing boards for me. From long boards to performance shortboards and fun summer boards I am never without the best boards!

Rupert & Buckley

Where do I fit all my summer essentials you ask? My Rupert & Buckley canvas tote bag of course! With strong British heritage, gorgeous designs and bold colours,  Rupert & Buckley are my perfect beach partner for those Cornish summer days.


The perfect way to end a day of surfing on the beach has to be some sunset stretching in my favourite Sundried activewear. I can't praise Sundried enough for delivering activewear that exceeds all expectations. The designs, fabrics and details can only be fully appreciated when you actually get your hands on their gorgeous garments. My perfect post surf yoga attire selection.

About the author: Tehillah McGuinness is a professional surfer and Sundried ambassador.

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