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Adventure Trekking & Hiking

by Alexandra Parren
Sarah Outen MBE Adventurer

Trekking and hiking are not widely talked about in gym circles or running groups. Yet they are great ways of keeping fit, as well as being specialised and adventurous. Trekking differs from walking in that trekkers tend to go further afield and test their endurance; it takes walking to the next level. Hiking involves climbing mountains, which is great for building strength and stamina in the legs.

Exploring new trails, new countries, and unknown areas can really lift your sense of adventure. Trekking is something that really challenges you physically and mentally. It will give you an adrenaline rush, as well as these other benefits:

Benefits of Adventure Trekking & Hiking

1) It is a whole body workout - A major plus in trekking is that it will give your entire body a workout. You continually use and build your overall body strength. You move your legs, your arms, you climb, wade and stretch all the time. Whether it is climbing a hill or crossing a lake, you need to use your entire body, and the fun thing is, you won’t even be aware you are doing it.

2) It helps with joint problems - Trekking does require stamina, so build it up slowly, allowing yourself the chance to get used to it. It builds muscles in your arms and legs, which in turn will help joints which were once stiff or painful. If you do suffer from a long term joint complaint, please do seek medical advice before embarking on an adventure holiday that involves trekking.

3) It is a stress buster - You can trek anywhere in the world. An adventure holiday that involves trekking, will take you to some of the most beautiful places on the planet. Getting outdoors will help you reconnect with nature and give you the chance to immerse yourself in it. Just taking in the world around you can help you forget the stress of everyday life.

4) You will meet new people - If you trek at home or abroad, you will meet new people. People trek all over the world and it is a great opportunity to have a cultural exchange. Crossing language barriers and sharing an experience is a wonderful experience for all involved.

Hectic modern lifestyles can really stress us out and we can forget how to relax. Something like trekking can help lift our mood, as well as our fitness, the long term benefits are immeasurable. If you are thinking about a holiday experience for next year, then why not pack your walking shoes and see where you can end up?

Interesting to find out more? Have a read of our interview with Sundried ambassador Sarah Outen MBE who is a professional adventurer!

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