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TRX Push Up To Shoulder Tap

The humble pushup is often underrated. One of the oldest and simplest exercises to date, it has survived the ages because it works. The TRX push up adds an extra dimension to this classic move, challenging your balance even further as you add the shoulder tap.

TRX Push Up

10 Reasons to do Push Ups

  1. It’s a compound exercise, meaning we hit multiple muscles in one move. The push up targets your chest, shoulders, arms and core.
  2. It stretches your muscles which increases their flexibility.
  3. It can enhance your cardiovascular system. Compound exercises require an elevated heart rate as your heart works to pump blood to the working muscles.
  4. You will stimulate Human Growth Hormone production by working multiple muscle groups, which promotes muscle growth.
  5. Push ups protect your shoulders. A rotator cuff injury is very frustrating and can limit movement.The push up has been found to be among the most effective ways to safeguard your shoulder joints from injury; especially in older adults as they call upon stabilising muscles, which surround the rotator cuff joint.
  6. The Push up can improve your posture. In order to properly hold your shoulders and back, your entire core must be strong enough to support its vertical positions. When push ups are properly executed, the muscles responsible for supporting posture are strengthened and fine-tuned.
  7. Strengthening your core can prevent lower back injuries, a strong lower back and a strong core come hand in hand.
  8. They can be done anytime, anyplace and don’t take long!
  9. It’s a full body workout, for free!
  10. Weight bearing exercises help to increase bone density which can ward of conditions such as Osteoporosis.

TRX Pushup Up Position

TRX Pushup Down Position

How to Push Up to Shoulder Tap

  1. Hook both feet into a stirrup each and assume the push up position.
  2. Sink down by bending your elbows and bring your chest towards the floor, your nose should almost touch the ground.
  3. Drive up and return to the start position.
  4. Now without rotating at the hips maintain a tight core and lift the opposite hand to tap the opposite shoulder.
  5. Repeat for the other side.

TRX Push Up to Shoulder Tap Top PositionTRX Push Up to Shoulder Tap Bottom PositionTRX Push Up to Shoulder Tap Hand Starting to MoveTRX Push Up to Shoulder Tap - Tapping the ShoulderTRX Push Up to Shoulder Tap Top Position Other ShoulderTRX Push Up to Shoulder Tap Lifting Arm

TRX Push Up to Shoulder Tap Top Position

Pressup Position TRX Training

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