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TRX Pistol Squat Jumps

If you can pistol squat it’s impressive, so imagine if you could TRX pistol squat jump!

The pistol is a very challenging exercise and those that can perform the exercise with ease have incredible leg strength as well as balance and flexibility.

TRX Pistol Squat Jump

Benefits of the TRX pistol squat jump

Leg Strength

The pistol squat places your entire body weight onto one leg and can therefore be quite challenging on your leg strength. In addition because the pistol squat is single leg, you will often find that you can complete a rep on one leg and not the other. Pistol squats help to develop equal leg strength by isolating the legs individually. Naturally, when you work both legs together your strongest leg will do most of the work for you, without you even thinking about it.


Plyometric training really just boils down to jumping. Adding explosive power to your workouts works your anaerobic energy system, increases your heart rate (burning more calories) and increases your explosive power, great for athletes who partake in short duration sports such as athletic sports like the high jump or even sprints.  


The range of motion required for a pistol squat requires exceptional flexibility of the hamstrings, hip flexors and knee and ankle joints.


Working on your pistol squat will develop your balance, essential for preventing injuries and beneficial into later life, as well as for your current performance.

Increase stability

Working with a single leg can help to improve your stabilizing muscles which support your spine, reducing back pain and aiding poor posture.

How to TRX pistol squat jump

  1. Take both handles in your hands facing the anchor point.
  2. Take one leg straight in front of you.
  3. Bend the supporting leg and sink down into a squat, keeping your heel firmly on the floor.
  4. As you drive up, explode off your supporting leg and jump upwards, then land on the alternate leg.
  5. Repeat for each leg, alternating with every jump.

To take it down a notch:

Knock out the jump and if need be set up a bench or step behind you, so instead of completing the full range of motion, you tap your bump back to the bench or step. Yes this is a half rep, but no it’s not cheating as you will work your way up to the full range of motion. This is laying the foundations so you can perform the full exercise with skill, strength and most importantly, control.

TRX Pistol Squats

Crank up the intensity:

This one's really challenging. Instead of just alternating your legs with your explosive jump you are now going to tuck jump before landing on the alternate leg. Sink down into your pistol then explode off the leg and bring your knee up for a tuck before landing. With all explosive exercises you want to power off on the up and land as softly as you can on the descent.

Take me with you

If you want to print off the TRX Pistol Squat Jump we have created a downloadable PDF you can download and share. 

TRX Pistol Squat

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