The TRX Row to Fallout is a killer upper body move, working your back, arms, shoulders and core.

TRX Row to Fallout

How to:

Grab both handles and lean back with your feet in front of the anchor, row your hands in towards your chest as you pull your body up and then let your weight shift forwards as your hands pass your sides and straighten up by your ears for a fallout. Sounds harder than it is (lies, it’s hard).

TRX Fallout Front Position

TRX Fallout Front Position

Make it easier: Knock the moves down into two separate moves before working your way into the full rocking motion. Complete your row and then walk forward into your fallout.

TRX Row Position

Crank it up a notch: The closer your feet are to the anchor, and the longer the handles, the hard this exercise becomes as you're working with more of your own bodyweight.

TRX Row Return to Start Position

You could even take things a notch further and add a weighted vest. Hardcore.

Practice makes perfect!