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The Accumulator Workout Review

by Victoria Gardner
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“The Revolutionary 30 day Fitness Plan”

The Accumulator promises to take you from 0 to fit in a matter of 30 days with its online programme that gets progressively tougher as you do.

The Accumulator 30 Day Fitness Plan

How it works


The Accumulator works via a membership tier scheme, with varying levels of knowledge and feedback available at each level. You can try the programme for 7 days free or sign up for the full course. This provides you with a month's worth of workouts, sent to you on a daily basis, access to the blog, Facebook group, expert nutritional advice and a recipe library.

After filling out a brief health questionnaire, you’ll be ready to go!

The Team

Sundried met the owner of The Accumulator, Paul Mumford, at Fitpro and were drawn to his positive nature and enthusiasm. His team are a group of like-minded, qualified personal trainers who are all very friendly and feature with Paul in the daily videos.

Paul is more than just a friendly guy though, he has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the fitness industry. As well as mentoring a vast array of clients, Paul teaches other fitness professionals, talks at seminars and fitness events and writes for several national and international fitness publications. His first book, all about The Accumulator™ was published by Bloomsbury in January 2016.

30 Days

The 30 days begin easy; you’re guided in with a welcoming email from Paul, who guides you through what the process will be for the next 30 days and introduces his blog called “The Knowledge” as well as an exclusive Facebook group for other members of the challenge to share advice and motivation. There is also an online exercise directory in case you need to go over any of the moves.

The programme works by gradually increasing your workout time by adding an exercise a day until you end up with a full 30 minutes worth of training.

Every day you are emailed the next workout and knowing Paul, he’ll have this sent out ready for the early risers at around 6am. All of the workouts are body weight only, so all you need is time and a workout space. Reading Paul’s email should get you motivated and ready to go, so it's very simple and easy to get along with.

The moves progress as the 30 days goes on from push ups to plyometrics, but Paul keeps his emails lighthearted and chirpy to keep you going. The videos feature himself and one of the team completing the moves with you so you can be checking your form as you go and won’t forget what you’re doing.

As one exercise ends, the next is queued up in the corner of your screen, so you’ll always feel comfortable with what’s to come. The exercises are always kept simple and explained clearly, plus of course you can refer to the exercise glossary whenever you need to if a particular move troubles you. All the exercises will have variations so you can work up to the full move if need be. As the course goes on, the exercises and routines get a little more challenging, with plyometrics and double sessions, but you still only need your body weight and some space and of course, your fitness is improving as you go, so you’re perfectly capable of the tougher moves.

Who is The Accumulator for?

As a stand alone programme, this is great for beginner to intermediate, or for those who struggle with ideas for routines as it takes out the guesswork. If you're someone who is motivated by being part of a team, you’ll benefit from Paul’s team's encouragement and round-the-clock guidance in the Facebook page, where you can talk with other members.

Those with intermediate to advanced levels of fitness will find the routine too easy and will need to find a more complicated training regime which includes compound lifts to achieve their goals. If you’re training at a competitive level, already regularly training or looking to gain muscle, then try a more advanced training routine.

You can try our Sundried workouts here.

Overall, the routine is simple and fun and great for those who may be fearful of large gyms. Paul's daily emails are friendly and educational and the site blog is filled with plenty of training tips and knowledge.

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