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Sundried Women's Barefoot Shoes Review

barefoot gym shoes training running

As a barefoot runner, I was really excited to see Sundried add women's barefoot shoes to their collection. I ordered the same day and delivery arrived promptly as I’ve come to expect, along with the usual cool wrapping within the Sundried motif black cotton tote bag (I love these for yoga and carrying my shoes).

The first thing to be noted is that these barefoot shoes are super lightweight and flexible, so I knew before trying them that they would move with my foot and not restrict movement as some heavier training shoes do. As a runner and personal trainer, I do encourage my clients to use gym shoes which allow for foot movement which helps strengthen the foot muscles and indeed ankles – both essential in trail running in particular. Also, by using a more minimal shoe in the gym, balance adjustments and body sensing become easier.

womens barefoot gym shoes Sundried review

The fit did not disappoint – generous fitting with a wide toe box make these the perfect barefoot shoes. The toggle allows for easy adjustment and is neatly tucked. The fabric allows excellent air flow to keep feet cool and they look super stylish.

I have run and walked in these barefoot running shoes as well as using them for gym and yoga. I would highly recommend these women's barefoot gym shoes for gym work as the feel to ground gives balance and they are a great barefoot shoe to strengthen the feet and ankles. If you are not used to a minimal shoe, I would recommend using these just for walking and short distance running to build your strength gradually before increasing your distance.

I also think for distance runners these are the perfect recovery shoes for after a long run.


About the author: Sheila Rose is an ultra marathon runner, personal trainer, and Sundried ambassador.

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