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Castelli Meccanico Puffy Jacket Review

by Daniel Puddick

Castelli Mecaccino Puffy Jacket Review Sundried

The Castelli Meccanico Puffy Jacket is a quilted jacket with strong style and plenty of technical properties woven into a casual jacket. It is a pre- and post-cycling jacket, but the reality is you will want to buy this as your all day, everyday coat.

The branding is subtle enough that you do not look like the world of cycling has thrown up all over you, but is strong enough to let others in the scene know you are a cyclist. Saying that, if you are an athlete who wants a fitted jacket, it is definitely worth considering cycle-wear. No one wants a jacket to engulf them. 

Castelli Meccanico Puffy Jacket Full Photo

The colour Sundried has chosen to feature is the turbulence red. In our opinion, by far the strongest colour.  Pops of red from the lining when the jacket is fully zipped up and strong colour when unzipped all the way. 

Castelli Meccanico Puffy Jacket Open Lining Shot

As you would expect from Castelli, this is a well-made jacket  and like most quilted jackets on the market it is very lightweight.

 Castelli Meccanico Puffy Jacket Lining

The jacket has a fixed hood with drawstrings to adjust for your comfort. 

Castelli Meccanico Puffy Jacket Hood

External branding shows the logo on the left arm and on the right shoulder the Castelli wording. On the shoulder the branding is fairly subtle. 

Castelli Meccanico Puffy Jacket Logo

So what's the Puffy Jacket like to wear? 

Castelli Meccanico Puffy Jacket Front Photo 

The jacket is slim fitted in shape. There is no waist adjuster but as it is fitted it will probably not be necessary. The jacket is warm, but in sub-zero temperatures you would definitely need to layer up. This style jacket is perfect in the UK for our typically chilly winter and spring days. Personally I love a jacket like this to even chuck on over a t-shirt on a colder summer evening. 

Nice deep pockets to allow you to bury your hands for some protection against the elements. Especially if you forget your gloves

 Castelli Meccanico Puffy Jacket Front Photo

Castelli Meccanico Puffy Jacket Logo on Shoulder

The branding is fairly subtle on the shoulder but adds a nice asymmetry to the design of the front. 

Castelli Meccanico Puffy Jacket Rear Photo with Hood Up  

Castelli Meccanico Puffy Jacket Hood up Side Photo

The logo is subtle enough not to be classed as a 'logo jacket' but is enough to get the recognition in the cycling community. 

Castelli Meccanico Puffy Jacket Pocket Zippers

Branded zippers and deep pockets to give your hands some extra winter protection. 

 Castelli Meccanico Puffy Jacket Hood Up

This is definitely a jacket you can wear daily. Smart enough to wear to work and warm enough to keep you cosy. Stylish enough to wear on a night out and light enough to carry if you do get too hot! One for the wardrobe!

Castelli say... A jacket warm enough for a Belgian winter.

  • Quilted synthetic down jacket with fleece lining inserts for extra warmth
  • Adjustable hood
  • Water resistant finish
  • Zippered front pockets
  • High collar to stop drafts
  • Weight 674g
  • Comfort range anything below 10 degrees C for hanging about in.
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