Castelli Prima Cycling Gloves Review Sundried

When a glove is not just a glove

To think that all gloves were born equal is just a mistake.  The Prima Glove from Castelli is a lightweight glove that won't let you down. No, it is not designed for the deep winter. But these certainly are the ideal commuting glove for the seasons surrounding when the weather dips below zero. Temperatures as low as 5 degrees Celsius you will be comfortable up to an hour wearing these.  5 degrees to 10 degrees for me they really are an all day glove. What I like about these gloves is the long cuff.  It is nice to have a glove that you can wear over or under your jersey without exposing your wrists and because of their flexibility (stretchy wool fibre) they are so easy to slip on and off, even when your hands are wet.

For deep winter riding you definitely need a thicker glove but for late spring and throughout autumn these really are the business. They are very durable and you'll get at least the year of commuting from them. And as the material lets your hands breath you may even want to slip them on in a late summer evening.

Castelli Prima Gloves Review Cycling Phone Technology

Feature list

100% Coolmax yarn

That gives the gloves their stretch and make them a perfect glove for a quick slip-on

Conductive Touch Technology© fingertips

This enables you to use your iPhone while wearing the gloves. A very nice feature. Especially when it is a bit colder and you do not want to remove your gloves. And of course it means it is easier to operate your Garmin bike computer.

Silicone grip on palm

Will save you slipping off the handlebars, even when your hands do start to get a bit numb

When else you can wear these gloves?

For me, dog walking and running. Most yarn gloves are not as long so you get the wrist exposure. Not ideal, but these take care of that.

The verdict is that for a little over £20 they are a must have for your cycling collection.