Body Weight Exercises

You don't need a gym membership to get fit! Bodyweight exercises can be done anywhere and with no equipment, so there are no excuses.

What are bodyweight exercises?

There are two types of bodyweight exercises. Callisthenics refers to gymnastic-style exercises which are often performed with bars, gym rings, or parallets. These exercises include pull ups, muscle ups, tricep dips etc. These exercises work on the principle of using your bodyweight to perform a high-intensity move and to push your body to develop new skills including balance and power.

The second type of bodyweight exercises is low-impact exercises which don't use weights, such as air squats and press ups. These exercises do not use any equipment whatsoever and therefore can be performed anywhere. They are not quite as effective as callisthenics as there is no external force causing the body to need to adapt and get stronger, but you can maintain a decent level of fitness with these low-impact moves.

Are bodyweight exercises effective?

Bodyweight exercises are hugely effective in helping to build muscle and burn fat. A lot of calisthenic moves are highly challenging and physically demanding and require a lot of balance and coordination.

Examples of bodyweight exercises


Handstands are a classic gymnastics move and require a lot of core strength and balance. It takes a lot of time and patience to master the handstand, but once you do, you can work your shoulders and core to the max. Increase the intensity by performing handstand push ups or handstand walks.


Chin ups differ from pull-ups due to the position of the hands. You work the biceps and back as well as the core. They are very tough and you may need assistance before you can do one with full bodyweight. Most gyms have assisted chin up machines or you can ask a friend to hold your feet.

Tricep Dips

Tricep Dips are the perfect exercise for targeting the triceps and can easily be adapted to make the move easier or harder. Add weight for an extra kick or perform bench dips to lift less of your body weight.

Press Ups

Another classic exercise, this move works the chest, shoulders, and core. Perform chest and shoulder workouts in order to improve your press ups and try adding these as a superset to increase the burn during at upper body workout.


Basic squats, sumo squats, split leg squats and perhaps the toughest of them all pistol squats are all bodyweight exercises which focus on developing leg strength.