• Intersport Run Reigate Half Marathon 2019 Race Report

    Run Reigate is an annual running festival held in Reigate, Surrey and attracts over 3,000 competitors. This huge celebration of running consists of a half marathon, 10k, and 5k, and takes place on fully closed roads. 

    Run Reigate Half Marathon 10k Race Report 2019

    Registration & Pre-Race

    When you sign up for this race, you have the option to pay extra to have your race pack posted to you. The other options are to pick up your pack from Reigate throughout the week leading up to the race or to pick it up from the registration tent on the day. Having so many options means that you don't have to queue and picking up your race pack on the day is very easy and straight forward as most people already have theirs.

    The running festival and start/finish are located in Reigate Priory Park which is a beautiful park in the heart of Reigate and there are lots of different tents from various suppliers, such as On Running, Wagamama, as well as the park's cafe which is open and plenty of portaloos!

    Queuing for the toilet before a race is always a pain – I nearly missed the start of a race once because I'd been in the toilet queue for an hour! Thankfully, there are free public toilets a short walk from the park as well as toilets in the park's cafe and of course the portaloos which are provided by the race organisers. This meant there was never too much waiting around, which there could've been with so many people in attendance.

    There was a mass warm up before the race hosted by ultra runner Susie Chan and the atmosphere was amazing. The start was very well organised – there were thousands of people to get over the start line but the start pens were well laid out and it was all very civilised. There were also pacers for various finishing times which is always a nice touch.

    Run Reigate Half marathon 2019


    Out onto the run, and it was a beautiful day. The route is on fully closed roads and it is absolutely amazing how many supporters there were! All of the residential roads had people outside their houses cheering us on, playing music, and giving out jelly babies. Kids were giving high fives and it felt really special. 

    The first half a mile or so is all uphill which was a surprise however it's a pretty gentle incline and actually helps to get you warmed up without blowing you up too early on. After that, the elevation profile is gently undulating, with a few small inclines but which are always followed by gentle declines. The only stinger is the hill in the last 2 miles which I had heard people talking about right from the beginning. 

    Run Reigate Half Marathon route and elevation profile

    The route is all on beautiful country lanes as well as some residential roads. Despite the sunshine and heat for the 2019 event, the majority of the run is in the shade thanks to the trees and this meant no one was suffering and no one was complaining about the heat! 

    The route is all on smooth tarmac and there are no technical areas at all. You can just enjoy your run and the beautiful scenery.

    Organisation & Support

    The support at this race was some of the best I've ever experienced and really made this run special. There are bands playing music at various places around the route and there are plenty of marshals. The whole area of Reigate & Banstead clearly enjoy this yearly spectacle and it's great that so many people come out to cheer on the runners. 

    Run Reigate Half Marathon 2019

    The run is organised very well and everything went smoothly. Right from the moment you arrive, there is free parking available in various places around the town with car park marshals directing you. You receive a beautiful medal at the end of the race as well as KIND bars, water, bananas, and a race t-shirt. 

    I can honestly say I really enjoyed this half marathon and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a fun, enjoyable race.

    Posted by Alexandra Parren
  • North Downs Way Half Marathon 2019

    The North Downs Way Half Marathon is organised and run by Hermes Running who provide organised running events in Surrey and London. This challenging trail half marathon follows the North Downs Way with a climb up Box Hill thrown in for fun.

    North Downs Way Half Marathon Hermes Running Start


    This event is organised by Hermes Running who organise runs in and around Surrey, Kent, and London. The North Downs Way Half Marathon and Marathon are overseen by David Ross who has been organising events since 2012. He is an experienced marathon and ultra marathon runner himself so knows what runners want and expect from a race and his mission is to make sure his runs are scenic and enjoyable, something I'd say he's definitely achieved with the North Downs Way Half Marathon.

    This event sees a half marathon and a full marathon run concurrently on the same out-and-back course. The start is at The Bridge House Hotel in Reigate which is a great venue as it means runners can relax in the comfort of the hotel lobby before the race starts, and make use of the facilities instead of queuing for portaloos in a field! For the 2019 race, despite it being the beginning of July, it was raining profusely so it also meant we were able to stay dry and warm before heading out to the race start.

    The race start is in a field near the Reigate Hill car park and David gives a short race brief before the off. Parking is a bit of a pain as there are only a few spaces at the hotel and the next nearest place to park is a very long walk down Reigate Hill to the station. It acts as a decent warm up for the race though! But it was quite a sight seeing hoards of very wet, chilly people slogging up this hill before the event had even started.

    Overall the race is organised very well and it's all very straight forward. 


    This race is advertised as being 'challenging' and challenging it is! Not for the faint-hearted, the half marathon is once out-and-back while the full marathon is twice out-and-back. This is a trail run and gets very technical in places. There are some sharp, steep descents and ascents as well as stairs and single-file sections, tree roots and rocks to jump over and thick foliage to push through. 

    Despite the challenging nature of the run, the views are superb and the route is beautiful. You forget how much your body is hurting because you're focusing on your footing as well as enjoying the views. 

    The turn around point is right at the Box Hill lookout so your reward for making it up Box Hill and to the halfway point is a quick respite with some snacks and drinks provided by the aid station while enjoying the views out over Box Hill. 

    The route goes through various different sections including open fields, woods, and tracks. There is a very short section on a pavement next to a road as well. Many sections are single-file which means overtaking is a challenge however by this point most of the runners had settled into a steady rhythm and so this wasn't a problem at all. You do have to be careful when the faster runners are coming back the other way and us slower runners always stepped to the side so they could get past quickly and easily.

    If you're a recreational runner like me, this is not a half marathon you would do for time. There are some sections where running is simply impossible due to the technical nature as well as one particular hill that is so steep even the fastest athletes were having to walk. This is definitely a run you do for fun instead of a PB but it really is great fun and I loved every minute of it.

    The race is held at the beginning of July so I expected it to be very hot. However, it just so happened to be fairly chilly (14 degrees) and raining the day of the 2019 race so this made it a lot easier but also meant the route was slippery under foot at times. If it had been very hot, it would have been a lot more challenging.

    North Downs Way Half Marathon route elevation profile


    The support at this race is absolutely outstanding. Because it's an out-and-back route, you see the faster runners on their way back and everyone smiles and says, 'Well done! Keep going!' to each other. Then on the way back you see the marathon runners heading out for their second lap and so cheering them on and congratulating them on an insane achievement is a real mood booster, especially when they smile and say well done back. 

    At no point was I on my own: there were always other runners around me the whole time which really motivated me and kept me going. The camaraderie between the runners was the best I've ever experience during a race; it was the friendliest race I've ever done.

    There are two aid stations on the course, one at roughly 3 miles and one at the turnaround point. This means the half marathon runners get to pass an aid station three times (twice for the first one and once at the turnaround) and the marathon runners will pass an aid station six times. The aid stations are stocked with water, juice, dates, Chia Charge bars and various other snacks.

    As this race is so challenging, you can expect to add on around an hour to your normal half marathon time, and up to 90 minutes to your marathon time. Because of this, some of us slower runners didn't finish until over 3 hours after the start. I was really impressed that there were lots of people at the finish to cheer us on and support us as we finished. It's great that they all stuck around for so long, 3 hours is a long time to wait! There was an aid station at the finish with plenty of provisions and the addition of a big bag of electrolyte powder which was well needed and appreciated. 

    Overall the support at this race was outstanding and the best at any race I've ever done. I really enjoyed this race even though is was so challenging and physically demanding and I'd massively recommend it to anyone. Just make sure you do lots of hill training and don't skip leg day at the gym!

    North Downs Way Half Marathon Finish

    Posted by Alexandra Parren
  • Grimsthorpe Gallop

    Grimsthorpe 10 Race Series SBR Events Sundried

    Date: Sunday 23rd June 2019

    Location: Grimsthorpe Castle, Bourne, Lincolnshire, PE10 0LZ

    Event Type and Distance: 5k run, 10k run, 10-mile run, Half Marathon (13.1 miles) run

    Amenities: Entries for Canicross and British Nordic Walking, Chip timing, Regular water stations around the course for both 2 and 4 legged runners, Route fully marshalled and signposted, Distance markers, Bespoke race finishers medal for everyone, Post race massage, Race village with hot food and beverages for sale, Free onsite parking, Bespoke hoodies & t-shirts for sale

    Entry Price: £9 - £32

    Set in the beautiful grounds of Grimsthorpe Castle, in the delightfully charming Lincolnshire countryside just 10 minutes off the A1, this event makes for a perfect summer race, whether you take on the family friendly 5k or go for the longer challenge of 13.1 miles.

    The four routes take you past various delights within the private grounds including the castle, lake, tree-lined tarmac avenues, ancient woodland, and even a disused Victorian railway. The train line no longer exists, but the 10 and 13.1-mile routes travel along this section and take you to a part of the world generally unseen by the public.

    The race start/finish line will be in front of the castle along the driveway, offering a unique venue. All finishers receive a bespoke race medal!

    Posted by Alexandra Parren
  • The Longhorn Race Series

    Longhorn Race Series 5k 10k 10 mile run running Sundried

    Date: Sunday 28th April 2019

    Location: Thoresby Hall, Thoresby Park, Ollerton, Nottinghamshire NG22 9WH

    Event Type and Distance: 5km run, 10km run, Half Marathon 13.1 miles run, Full Marathon 26.2 miles run, 60km Ultra Marathon run

    Amenities: Post race massage, trophies, prizes, medals, food and drink, chip timing, free parking, free bouncy castle for children

    Entry Price: From £10 for the 5k fun run to £55 for the 60k ultra marathon

    The Longhorn Race series will find you running over old military roads, cleared tracks through ancient woodland and grassed paths around the country estate. The route includes a few hills to offer a small challenge around the course in the most scenic countryside and forest. The terrain depends largely on the weather; in 2015 it was very dry so the ground was firm under foot, but in 2016 there was lots of rain so there were a considerable number of muddy areas.

    Nothing looks more beautiful than the sunlight streaming through the leaves in this natural area of beauty. We have devised a race that takes you into Nottinghamshire's National Nature Reserve, through private areas that were once part of the 10,000 acres Royal Forest of Sherwood where the woodland is dominated by native Oaks as well as other native trees including Silver Birch, Rowan, Holly and Hawthorn. The reserve is also the site of Europe's oldest Oak tree woodland, containing over 1000 Oaks most of which are over 500 years old! It is here that the Longhorn Cattle of Thoresby Estate now roam freely, although being a very docile breed of cattle, they will be tucked away during our run race.

    Posted by Alexandra Parren
  • Thoresby10

    Sherwood Forest Thoresby10 10k 10 mile race running

    Date: Sunday 20th October 2019

    Location: Thoresby Hall, Thoresby Park, Ollerton, Nottinghamshire NG22 9WH

    Event Type and Distance: 5k run, 10k run, 10 mile run

    Amenities: Chip timing, bespoke medals for every finisher, trophies for winners, post-race massage, race village with hot food and drinks for sale, free onsite parking.

    Entry Price: £9 - £27

    Thoresby 10 is back for its annual autumnal trail run in the beautiful grounds of Thoresby Hall, north Nottinghamshire. Choose from a race over 10k or 10 miles, running along old military roads, cleared tracks through ancient woodland and grassed paths around the country estate. The 10k route is The Longhorn race in reverse, the 10-mile race is the 10k route with an extra 4 miles added through more of the estates ancient woodland. The route includes a few hills to offer a small challenge around the course in some of the most scenic Nottinghamshire countryside as well as the forest and past the lake.

    The Autumn colours should make this a race to remember in this natural area of beauty. The race takes you into Nottinghamshire's National Nature Reserve, through private areas that were once part of the 10,000 acres Royal Forest of Sherwood where the woodland is dominated by native Oaks as well as other native trees including Silver Birch, Rowan, Holly and Hawthorn. The reserve is also the site of Europe's oldest Oak tree plantation, containing over 1000 Oaks most of which are over 500 years old! Look out for the Longhorn Cattle of Thoresby Estate, who usually roam free in the forest, in their restricted fields for the race.

    There is also a 5k run/walk for all levels on offer. It's a different course that takes you past the beautiful church at Perlethorpe, through woodland groves and back onto the main field in front of Thoresby Hall. This event can be a gentle stroll with the family or a race to get your 5km PB. The 5km race is 2 loops of the course.

    Posted by Alexandra Parren