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    We live busy lives, the fact you have the time to take to read this is a little miracle in itself, so when it comes to what you wear, it needs to be as multifunctional as you are.

    Apres sports jackets

    Apres sports jackets are designed to endure the journey from fashion to fitness by supporting your sport before, during and apres (meaning after). The apres sports jacket originates from skiwear, but as there has been an increasing demand for fashionable activewear, it has crept into the world of gym wear.

    Men's Training Jacket

    When to wear an apres sports jacket

    The clue is in the name here. The jackets are designed with active style, they still feature technical fabrics, but they are also a lot warmer and heavier than you would usually wear during training - although some do.

    The apres sport jacket is the last thing you put on and the first you take off, it’s your layer of protection between your gymwear and the world, so it needs to look good, fit comfortably and keep you warm.

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    What to look for in an apres sport jacket


    If this is what you're wearing after training, when your muscles are all achy, comfort is essential. At this point your skin is sweaty and vulnerable to chafing so you need to find materials that are soft and supportive.


    As this jacket is your barrier against the world between your workout gear, you want it to keep you well insulated after a tough workout, particularly if you've been running in the cold.


    The apres sports jacket is designed to look active, but remain stylish, as it is what the world see’s you in, you want to look good.


    Due to the nature of the apres sports jacket, it's important that the jacket is still technically savvy, so that if you wanted to workout in it, you could and should! Look for moisture wicking fabrics that are water resistant and help with thermoregulation.

    Sundried Training Jacket

    Apres sports jacket sizing


    UK Size

    Measurement (centimetres)



    Extra-Small (XS)




    Small (S)




    Medium (M)




    Large (L)




    Extra-Large (XL)




    Extra-Extra-Large (XXL)




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  • Womens Training Jacket

    Workout wear is continuing to grow and it won’t be long before it’s a staple in every wardrobe. No doubt it’s a staple in yours, that’s what’s led you to Sundried. Now you can be stylish and functional post workout with apres sports jackets that fuse technical function with catwalk style.

    It’s time to upgrade your hoodie.

    Women's Training Jacket

    Why wear a training jacket?

    Post workout protection

    You can’t catch a cold from being cold. You only ‘catch’ a cold if you have been in contact with the virus. However, the sudden change in body temperature after a workout can accentuate a condition you already have, such as asthma, which could make you more susceptible to a virus with a weakened immune system.

    The winter months are tough on your body’s thermoregulation process, especially when you're training outdoors your body will be fighting to maintain its core temperature. After your session you need to give your body every advantage in getting back up to temperature, so once you’ve washed and dried, putting some layers on, like a jacket can aid the recovery.

    Add athletic style

    You just worked hard why wouldn't you want a jacket that reflects that. An athletic jacket completes the look and is perfect for layering over your workout wardrobe. Often regular jackets can look odd with workout clothes or trainers, but a training jacket is designed to be worn with your trainers, so you're going to look and feel the part.

    Technical Function

    From moisture-wicking linings to smooth, leather exteriors, training jackets are available with the technical functions of your gym wardrobe, so they can be worn whilst you're warming up, whether that's your walk to the gym or your dynamic stretching before a run as well as post workout.

    Training jacket materials


    Fleece jackets are ideal for autumn days when brisk temperatures begin to set in. They are lightweight and soft, and provide a comfortable way to keep out the chill when worn post workout.


    Nylon is lightweight and waterproof. Many have a fleece lining for extra warmth. These fabrics are ideal for biking or hiking in wet and windy weather. Nylon has more bulk than fleece. Opt for  taped seams and a front flap to cover the zip if you need extra insulation. Narrow armholes and elastic waists help to seal garments to prevent wind and rain from entering. A nylon jacket with a high collar will also protect the neck from wind chill.


    Traditional down-filled jackets are bulky, but the feathers help the wearer to maintain their natural body heat and keep it circulating, even in very cold temperatures. Down typically lasts longer than other fillings, however jackets filled with synthetic materials have a slimmer design and withstand wet weather better than down gilets, but tend to lose heat more rapidly.

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