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Sundried Sleeveless Men's Training Shirt Review

by Alexandra Parren

Jamie Oakey, 24, triathlete for the Great Britain age group reviews the Sundried Sleeveless shirt - The Dom Tank.

Sleeveless t-shirt from Sundried

“I plan to enter a marathon later in the year as a bit of extra motivation to train in the off season, and I found a friend in the office who is into his marathon running and wanted to go for a run. I chose to run to the meet point and didn't want to wear heavy extra clothing and it looked warm outside so I opted for the Sundried sleeveless tshirt. First off I love the functionality of this product, not only is it a breathable well fitted piece of kit, but the designers had the forethought to include a discreet back zip pocket - ideal for keys and a bank card.

The run down to the site was a consistent paced run in the early morning sun and reaching the park (14km from home) I was beginning to get a bit of a sweat on. The fabric drew the sweat away from my body keeping me cool and allowing me to run freely and comfortably.

The plan was to help my friend with his shorter top speed stamina. The set is designed as a gentle warm up, followed by 6 reps of 1km hard fast pace then 500m easy, then a final rep of 1km all out to finish -10km total but 7km at a high pace. A real strong paced work out and by now the sun was really warm. Having completed a total of 10km around Battersea park we headed for a 5km cool down heading back towards north London.

By now I was getting hungry, well you would after completing around 30km, and began to look for something to eat. I grabbed an ice cream from a shop and began the pleasant walk home in the sun. The fabric of my t-shirt had been tested thoroughly but had stood up to every test. The sun dried the sweat from the lightweight fabric and by the time I reached home it was bone dry. I was very impressed.

As I continue to build my marathon running through the summer I look forward to my next run with my Sundried kit, the quality is far above pretty much every piece of kit I own.

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