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Sundried is more than just an ethical activewear brand, it is a fitness community and a lifestyle. We accept guest posts on relevant topics including fitness, nutrition, training, triathlon, sustainability, and activewear.

If you are a qualified personal trainer, nutritionist, dietitian, healthcare professional, athlete, or a passionate blogger, we will be happy to read your submission and publish it on our popular blog so long as it fits with our publishing guidelines.

Guest Blog Post Submission Guidelines

  1. The article/blog post must be relevant to Sundried. We will accept writing on the subject of fitness, nutrition, ethics and sustainability, activewear, and sports related to triathlon.
  2. The submission must be well written with good spelling and grammar, a clear title, and not directly advertise a single product.
  3. The tone of voice must fit with Sundried's current publications. 
  4. We do not accept duplicate content. Please search our blog to make sure we don't already have a post on your proposed subject.
  5. We allow links so long as they are not spammy.
  6. Your article must have flair! It needs to be engaging, educational, and of interest to our readers.
  7. You must include a short bio about yourself including first and last name and any credentials.
  8. Sundried reserves the right to edit the post at its discretion to make sure it fits with our style and message.

How To Submit A Guest Post

To submit a guest post proposal for our blog, please email introducing yourself and the subject of your submission.