Product Mens Aero Suit

Men's Aero Suit

Whether you're a seasoned pro or complete beginner, if you're looking for gear to step up your triathlon game, Sundried's Men's Skin Suit is what you need. Sleek and aerodynamic, our men's skinsuit will support you in your next triathlon. 

Why do I need a Men's Skinsuit?

When you're competing in a triathlon race, you don't want to waste any time in the transitions changing outfits. Sundried's Men's Aerosuit is suitable for all stages of a triathlon, due to it's quick drying nature and ergonomic tri pad being supportive but not restrictive. 

Sundried Men's Skin Suit - Key Features

Sundried's Men's Aero Suit is crafted with quick drying and sweat-wicking fabrics, meaning that it won't chafe or rub on the cycle leg, even after the swim. 3 rear pockets provide ample space for storing fuel provisions during those gruelling miles. The ergonomic tri pad provides sufficient padding to keep you comfortable on the bike ride, but not large enough to impede you at all on the run.

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