Partner Program Terms and Conditions

Sundried Partners do not need to spend any of their own money to take part in the program.
  1. Commission is paid at the end of each month on any valid sales where your unique partner code was used to make the sale.
  2. A valid sale is classed as a sale that has been paid for and the order received by the customer for 14 days (to allow the customer time to return the order for a refund). 
  3. If a customer returns an order for a refund no commission will be paid.
  4. If a customer returns an order for an exchange the commission will be calculated on the item(s) kept by the customer. 
  5. The commission value will be calculated on the total order value paid by the customer. E.g. if the customer receives a discount the value is the post discount value.
  6. Your unique partner code has to be used at the time of checkout to earn commission and for your customer to receive their discount.
  7. You have the right to cancel the partner program at any time.
  8. Sundried has the right to cancel the partner program at any time. 
  9. The partner term is for 12 months. For your personalised code and commission to continue after 12 months the partnership will need to be renewed. 

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