Do you want to develop strength, flexibility, balance, coordination and joint stability simultaneously?

It’s possible with TRX training

The TRX -  ‘Total Body Resistance eXercise’  design is modest, featuring two adjustable straps with handles/stirrups for different exercises and an easy hook up and go anchor. Whilst its design is modest, it is also deceptive, as this functional trainer boasts the ability to perform an intense and functional full body workout.

TRX Trainer

What is Functional training?

At the centre of all muscle-building is Bodybuilding; but how many bodybuilders can touch their toes? Kiss goodbye to to training for aesthetics, you won’t find functional athletes showing off their double bicep pose. Functional training takes principles from Bodybuilding and recreates it’s fundamentals to develop the body’s everyday function. Whereas its predecessor focuses on muscle groups, functional training focuses on how we actually create movement and which muscles work together to create movement patterns, referred to as ‘muscle slings’.

At functional trainings forefront has to be the TRX suspension trainer. Users create constant tension on the abdominals, whilst performing multi-dimensional, compound exercises using bodyweight and suspension resistance. Integration is better than isolation. Training multiple muscle groups at a time promises faster results.

Train anywhere and everywhere. Former Navy Seal and inventor Randy Hetrick created the kit to help his troops train with intensity in difficult conditions. Lightweight and portable, it's designed to be easy to transport and train.  At the gym, over a tree, on a goal post, clipped to fences, hooked on playgrounds, clipped off the doorframe or even in your living room; as long as your anchor can take your entire bodyweight, you're good to go.

The TRX trainer makes it very simple to adjust its intensity, the closer you move to the anchor point, the harder the TRX exercise becomes as you throw more of your bodyweight into gameplay. Bit much? You can ease up simply by stepping (ever so slightly) forward, away from the TRX anchor. Pushing makes progress and with the TRX it's easy to up your game and take your workouts one step further. Fitness elitists could even try adding plyometrics, weighted vests or using two TRX’s for complete suspension training. You are spoilt for choice with the TRX, with hundreds of different exercises to try.

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The TRX provides fast and effective training to earn your results on a time schedule. Being suspended also creates that thrill factor,  “Can I edge that little bit lower or am I going to fall flat on my face?” .

TRX Suspension Training