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TRX Squat to Star

by Victoria Gardner

This exercise builds strength and increases mobility in both your shoulders and hips. Using the TRX provides assistance to help pull yourself up from your squat, so you have no excuse not to sink it down ass to grass!

TRX Squat to Star

Benefits of The TRX Squat to Star (Y Stand):

TRX Squat to Star

The Deep Squat

  • Full, deep squats build bigger, stronger legs by targeting the glutes, hamstrings and quads. Taking your squat all the way down exposes more muscle fibres to mechanical and neural stimuli which forces growth.
  • Full squats increase your vertical jump by targeting the hips and glutes and increasing the  force to traveling throughout the kinetic chain for a greater height jump.
  • Deep squats increase your back stability and prevent unnecessary compressive force on the spine.
  • Deep squats build stronger knees. Strengthening the connective tissues which work as a ‘wrapper’ to protect the knees and enhance the distribution of load over the joint.
  • Full squats develop your flexibility and encourage dynamic mobility.

TRX SquatTRX Star

The Star (Y Stand)

  • The star works your upper back, shoulders, core and calves as you raise onto your tiptoes.
  • The Y stand builds stability in the shoulders through the isometric hold.
  • The Y stand works your core as your body is under constant tension to stabilize whilst suspended.

How to Squat to Star

  1. Grab both handles and stand facing the anchor point.
  2. Sink down into a squat, aiming for the full range of motion with your bum below your hips (ass to grass).
  3. Drive up and extend your hand over your head into a Y position whilst coming up onto your tiptoes.
  4. Keeping the TRX tension tight, sit back into your deep squat.

TRX Squat to Star Starting PositionTRX Squat to Star Raising UpTRX Squat to Star Arms StretchedTRX Squat to Star - Star Position

If you like this, why not check out our other TRX exercises.

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