With the pandemic changing the way we've been able to travel, more and more Brits have been turning to UK based glamping and outdoor holidays. Whilst the idea of a calm yoga retreat may sound ideal, if you've got kids or are just an active family, you may be more inclined to go on an adventure based holiday. 

Brecon Oak is an example of a business that is aiming to create a retreat perfectly suited for a family of active kids and athletes. It ticks all the boxes, with wood playgrounds and natural meadows and a nature trail that doubles up as a trim trail. Excellent for cycling endurance and the altitude certainly adds to the benefits of training.

One activity that we think is perfect for both kids and adults alike is Go-Karting. An activity that will keep your kids (and yourself as they demand that you push them uphill!) active, in an exciting and fun way. We all know it can be hard to convince your kids to get moving in today's technological age, but ATK's Go Karts provide the perfect answer.

Active Kids Holiday

With Go-Karts for people of all ages there's something for everyone. And if you're really looking for a fun group challenge, why not try their Build Your Own Go Kart Kit. It comes with FREE plans and step by step instruction, so you and your kids can feel extra proud as they whizz about on their Go Kart that they built themselves! We think their Go Karts are the best way to keep yourselves and your kids active on your UK Staycation. They're easy to put together and super easy and fun to use!

If you're stuck for ideas of what to do on your next family holiday, we've put together a few ideas for you that are active and eco-friendly!


Why not take your kids on a real life treasure hunt? Sign up to a site like https://www.geocaching.com/play and go on an adventure using your GPS to find the treasures that people have hidden all over the world. Just make sure you leave something else behind for the next person to find. 

Nature Bingo

Either download or create your own Nature Bingo Cards. Think things like 'find an animal footprint' or 'find a feather', and see who can tick off all the things first. You can do this anywhere and make it a simple or difficult as you like.

Make an Obstacle Course

Create your own obstacle course with furniture and garden toys and get racing each other! 

Fly a Kite

You don't need to buy an expensive kite for this one! There's plenty of tutorials online and on youtube about how you can make your own. If it's a little bit windy, get out there and get your Mary Poppins on!


Make your hike more exciting by letting your kids get involved in the planning. Take a coin with you and every time you get to a turning flip the coin and let whichever of your kids wins the coin toss choose which direction to go. If this won't quite work with your route let the coin toss decide how you travel the next stretch - maybe you will skip or hop the next few meters. 

Build a Den

If you're in a wooded area why not try to build a den in the forest with your kids. Get them to collect big logs and leaves to build a makeshift den. You could always take a tarpaulin or some old blankets with you to make it extra special!

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