At Sundried we are constantly growing and we love sharing our values with people all around the globe.

You can join us on our journey. What does it take to be a Sundried ambassador?

Shared Ethics

Sundried pride ourselves on the relationships we build, so you’ll need to share our ethos for ethical production and protecting our environment for the future.


We’re passionate about what we do. If we’re not talking or writing about Sundried, we’re either training or sleeping. We look for people who feel as passionately as we do by writing guest posts for us and sharing their training progress and fitness journey with us and the wider Sundried community.


It goes without saying that our ambassadors are dedicated and humble individuals, fitness is earned and not given and the dedicated reap the greatest rewards. Our ambassadors practice what they preach and are active in sharing their journey both online and in person. We look for people who have an active social media presence and will showcase our brand in their capacity as an influential member of the fitness community.


At Sundried we’re about more than just clothing, we’re for making a positive lifestyle change to a healthier you and a better world for all of us.

If you share our vision, we can’t wait to work with you.