A lifestyle choice for inquiring minds never satisfied with the ordinary, seeking product with acute attention to detail and with quality that can survive any adventure. With endless layering possibilities and combinations to take the wearer from office to studio to mountain. Unique branding makes each product proudly identifiable as Sundried. Aesthetically stunning men’s and women’s collections crafted by the leaders and innovators in their field.

At Sundried we’re responsible – we deeply care about the environment and we don’t just want to maintain the status quo, we want to go a step further and make things better than when we found them. We are deeply passionate about charity work and we also focus on our surrounding community. We’re lucky to be doing what we love and that’s why we seek to be generous.

Sundried is a responsible brand organically grown by people who care. We are all athletes ranging from surfers through to triathletes. We have a shared passion of the outdoors. Find us hiking in Peru, competing in (and in some cases winning) IronMan. We believe in an organic way of life always exploring and where possible, always outdoors. Seeking the next challenge. Remember, you won't discover if you don't explore. Let us help you discover your goals.