Swim Hat Guide - how to wear and care for your swim cap

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How to put on your swim cap

If you don't handle your swimming hat with proper care and attention, it may rip or tear. When putting your swim cap on, you must place both hands inside the cap, avoiding contact with you fingernails, hair pins, jewellery or any other sharp objects. 

If you have longer hair, you may need to gather your hair on the top of your head in a plait, ponytail, or bun.

Sundried Swim Hat Guide

If your swim hat needs adjusting, place one hand inside the cap and pull gently outwards and down until a secure comfortable fit is achieved.

How to care for your swim hat

There are a few measures you can take to prolong the life of your Sundried Swim Hat.

1. Rinse after use

After each use, ensure you thoroughly rinse your swim cap with fresh un chlorinated water.

2. Dry thoroughly 

Once rinsed, make sure your swimming cap is completely dry by patting it gently all over with a soft cloth or towel.

Top Tip - Sprinkling baby powder or talcum powder on the interior of your cap will stop the insides sticking together. It will also help to absorb any excess moisture, preventing the growth of mould or bacteria. 

3. Store properly

When not in use, store your swim hat in a cool, dry location, out of direct sunlight. 


Q. Are swim caps fully waterproof?

A. No, swim hats are designed to reduce drag and improve aerodynamics. If you are swimming with your head above water then your hair will be protected from splashes, but if you put your head under the water, then water will seep in as there is no watertight seal. 

Q. Should I wet my hair before putting on my swim hat?

A. You don't necessarily have to wet your hair before using your swim cap, but if you have longer hair, it's much easier (and less painful!) if your hair is slightly damp when you put it on.

Q. Do I have to wear a swim cap?

A. Most of the time the answer to this question is no - it's really down to personal preference. It will help keep your hair out of your face and make you swim slightly faster, but it's not something you have to wear. The exception to this is if your pool/leisure centre/competition/etc rules state otherwise. This may be for safety (i.e helping you be seen in the water during a triathlon) or hygiene reasons. If the rules state that you have to wear a hat, then yes you do need to follow this. 

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