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Sundried view life through higher vision, fusing the beauty and endurance of the peaks of our natural world with streamlined, modern designs inspired by the peaks of our city skylines. Col de Montagne is a collaboration of sleek city style with the endurance of outdoor adventure.

Offering multiple layering and styling opportunities, the collection is seamless with a lifestyle where being active is part of everyday life.

Col de Montagne is designed to last, to allow you to move without limits. Sundried add style to activewear for those who want to achieve and look their best.

Sundried respect our natural surroundings and produce our products ethically in partnership with The Low Carbon Initiative.

Sundried envision a world where modern life and nature can live in perfect harmony, we help improve the planet by uniquely coding each piece with a pledge to charity Water for Kids.

This is more than just a collection, this is a change. Performance has no peak, out there, our determination to improve is infinite.

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