Sundried Ethical Values

Design Led

Sundried deliver style and innovation to create stylish silhouettes that perform pre, during and post exercise.

Premium Quality Materials

Sundried proactively take responsibility for the materials we choose to work with have selected the finest quality technical fabrics, produced in Portugal with the mitigation of harmful substances, pollution and other environmental hazards associated with raw material extraction.

Wash Cool, Sun Dry

Up to 80% of the impact of a t-shirt occurs after purchase. The water, chemical toxicity, energy use and emissions from washing and drying your clothing all contribute to your eco footprint. Throughout our marketing, our products, wash care labels and our site, we encourage and remind you to Wash Cool, Sun Dry.

Exercise as Intrinsic

Sundried has been crafted for those who live and breathe fitness as if it were as intrinsic to their everyday existence as oxygen and water. The acute attention to detail and quality of our products fit seamlessly with a lifestyle where exercise is part of everyday life, taking you from office to active.

Trialled for Performance

Our active wear has been inspired and tested by leading triathletes, using the most advanced technology to enable your best performance, challenging your limits.


Sundried have partnered with The Low Carbon Innovation Fund and produce our activewear with the smallest carbon footprint possible. We create transparency, traceability and a genuine sense of pride in the partnerships we rely on to bring our products to market, respecting our people and the environment.

The Qualified Choice

Sundried sell our products directly online, or via partnering with the highest quality personal trainers. The brand is trusted by our level 3 qualified REPS ambassadors as their activewear of choice and the activewear they recommend to their clients. Sundried’s members of staff are all Personal Trainers which enables them to understand our active wears requirements and provide qualified advice.