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Jessica Tonking - From a family of sport and fitness enthusiasts it was inevitable I was going to get the bug- the love of football never quite stuck though! My mum is my main source of inspiration with a successful career in personal training and rehab, I knew I wanted to do the same and I have now been qualified for three years. With a marathon under my belt and plenty of halves, you will now find me lifting heavy at the gym, strong is sexy after all! I am so proud to work for a brand that has values as well as making high quality, awesome activewear. I always find it hard to be 100% happy with gym kit but Sundried never fails to deliver, I'm confident you will fall in love as much as I have.

Alexandra Parren - I became a personal trainer in 2014 and never looked back. I live and breathe fitness and love how great exercise makes me feel, as well as those around me. Over the years I’ve learnt the hard way how important it is to have activewear that can perform just as well as me. Sundried’s ethics really resonate with me and I love knowing that our brand supports not only other people, but the planet as well.