Sundried are regulated by The Low Carbon Innovation Fund, who have strict policies which we are required to adhere to on how our products come to market. We also encourage you to minimise your carbon footprint once you become a Sundried activewear owner. We do this by selecting the most ethical aftercare procedures, such as encouraging you to wash cool and sun dry our activewear and then (eventually) recycle old garments.

The Low Carbon Innovation fund follow a three stage procedure to ensure our company complies with its lower emission rules.

  1. An initial assessment into the runnings of the business
  2. A baseline carbon assessment, where our potential carbon savings were identified.
  3. Using both qualitative and quantitative data, a full carbon impact assessment report is gathered.

To date, The Low Carbon Innovation Fund portfolio of companies has saved ¼ million tonnes of CO2 and if forecast to save a total of 13 million tonnes of carbon emissions by the end of 2020.