Johnny Hamilton is a 33 year old Fitness Instructor, Actor and Model. After growing up with rugby Johnny moved into the fitness industry and trained as an instructor while holding other interests in gymnastics, calisthenics and trail running.

Q & A with Johnny Hamilton

Why did you get into fitness?

I started back when I was 15 playing Rugby at school and haven’t looked back. Back then it started with weightlifting to improve my game, now I stay true to my weightlifting roots and have endeavoured to learn a lot of strongman exercises and olympic lifts.

What are your fitness aspirations?

I’m training towards a healthy life, whilst trying to maximise the skills I pick up along the way. I love the learning element of gymnastics, spending time practising and mastering  new moves regardless of age. I love the challenging bodyweight exercises of Calisthenics and am always finding new ways to move my body and test it with static holds.

Training Philosophy:

I stay fit because it makes you feel good, it is that simple. If you look good, you no doubt feel good. Time in the gym is never wasted, be it for stress relief or simply to achieve that better level of fitness, it is worth it.

Why are you working with Sundried?

As a active person I particularly warmed to Sundried’s active bottoms and standard Tee. As an everyday versatile item they were very comfortable to work in but still had a professional look and feel to them. If I need to train I’m already ready to just grab my bag and head off for a workout. Working as a model, I was impressed at the attention to detail and design points the brand offer. I need to be on trend and am happy I’ve got Sundried active wear to help me achieve this.

Johnny Hamilton

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