Purely Healthy Snack Review

Founded by self-proclaimed dynamic duo Stefania Pellegrino and Mark O’Sullivan, Purely is a small brand that aims to bring adventure to the lives of their customers. With the tag-line ‘saving people from deadly boring snacks’, Purely’s range of plantain chips are packed with exciting flavours. Vegan friendly, gluten free and kosher, these snacks are suitable for anyone looking to try out a new snack. We were lucky enough to get to review their amazing flavours and give our verdict.

What makes Purely special?

Purely pride themselves on being a sustainable business, sourcing their ingredients from small farmers and plantations in Ecuador. Containing only a handful of natural ingredients, and no palm oil, Purely Plantain Chips really are a guilt free choice.

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Nice & Spicy 

This flavour was a favourite at Sundried HQ! They had just the right amount of spice and taste, with a little kick that made you want to go back in for more. As someone who's not really into spicy food, I found these had enough flavour to be interesting but not so much that they hurt your mouth if you eat too many. 

Purely Spicy Healthy Snack Nutrition Information

Sea Salt

There's a reason salted crisps and snacks are a classic.These naturally salted plantain chips take advantage of this and don't rely on fancy flavours. Personally I found that this flavour was the best to eat with a 'dip' such as salsa or guacamole, because the saltiness of the chips really paired well with that little something extra. 

Purely Salted Healthy Snack Nutrition Information

Wild Garlic

This was certainly an interesting flavour! I hadn't ever tried garlic flavoured crisps, but I'm a massive garlic lover so was very excited to try these. I will give a slight warning to anyone trying these - they are very garlicky! I would not advise breathing anywhere near anyone after eating these. That being said, if you like strong flavours these are definitely the snack for you. 

Purely Garlic Healthy Snack Nutrition Information


Overall we were very impressed by Purely's snacks. The plantain chips are light and crunchy, an interesting alternative to regular potato crisps. They have a nice variety of flavours and being vegan, gluten free and kosher as well as all natural with no palm oil really makes them suitable for anyone.The sustainable aspect is also something all of the team at Sundried HQ highly value.

Our one issue is the size of the packets. The chips are so more-ish, and the pack actually contains more than one serving, so we often found ourselves with the dilemma of whether to just be naughty and finish the pack one sitting or try to save some for later. 

If you'd like to try Purely out for yourself, they're available in a number of health food shops including Holland and Barret, Ocado, Selfridges and Wild Oats. You can also shop directly on their website.

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Thanks again to our friends at Purely for letting us try out their flavours.  

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