• National Aquathlon Championships 2021 - Race Report by age group winner Katie Wright

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    The first thing I did on arrival, and by far the most important thing, was locate the toilets. When exiting the portaloos I felt rather smug as I noticed the long queue that had now formed, that I had managed to avoid by being on the toilet ball!

    Race Pack collected, it was time to familiarise myself with the course and start working on that nervous energy by picking out all the fast swimmers I'd recently competed with at open water swimming events throughout the year.

    Due to C-19, this Aquathlon was my first since Eastbourne (a year ago) so although I knew I was swim and run fit I hadn't actually put them together in a race environment for a while. I’m not sure my visualisation counts or the dreams where I’m Olympic Aquathlon Champion (no it’s not an Olympic event unfortunately).

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    Wetsuit pulled up to the waist I entered the transition area and located a good spot, next to a sign, for my shoes and race belt. As it turns out this was also the place that the British triathlon official decided to place himself while officiating the race - but I wouldn't find that out till later when I had to politely ask him to move so I could speedily put on my shoes.

    With five minutes to spare before the race briefing I downed my energy drink and started to notice that most people had their race belt around their waist already (ready to be hidden inside their wet suit during the swim). I made a last-minute decision to fetch my race belt from the transition area and placed it round my waist to match the other competitors - like I said it had been a year since my last Aquathlon and I was feeling a little rusty. I then realised no one else had both race numbers pinned to their belt (we were given 2?) After swiftly removing the second unnecessary race number I made my way to transition area, for the third time, for the pre-race briefing.

    30 seconds to go, we stood side-by-side with our toes touching the water. 20 seconds to go, we nervously edged millimetres forward. 10 seconds to go. Nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. We ran and dived into the sea. The previously pancake flat ocean was now filled with arms legs and ferocious splashing.

    My fast start is not something I am known for. My strength is my stamina and my ability to maintain a consistent fast-ish pace throughout the whole swim - the longer the better. This being only 750m was going to be an interesting test for me.

    The swim route was an out and back around three buoys, against the current to begin with, coming back with the current behind us.

    At the turning point I was probably somewhere in the middle of the mass of arms and legs but I started to work my way through the field and exited the water in 14th place. 

    I had a speedy transition managing to make up another three places. 11th.

    The run route was two 2.2km laps of the prom - with a 300 meter lead in and lead off. I started to work my way further through the field, digging deep. It always feels like you aren't running very fast after you've swam even when you are. I chose not to wear a watch, as advised by my coach, because we feel I don't gain any benefits from doing so. So I had no idea how fast I was running my one job was to concentrate on catching, and going past each competitor one by one. The last kilometre I really had to grit my teeth against the pain. 

    Throughout the race marshals kept asking me to show my race number I assumed at the time this was because it had slipped around to the side. I'm yet to find a race belt that stays put. As I later discovered though (from my race photos) I actually had my race number on back to front.

    The final 300m I was praying I would make it across the line before I threw up or collapsed.

    Luckily I did, although I did spend five minutes rolling around on the floor just past the finish line. A kind marshal retrieved my race chip for me from around my ankle - I'm not sure I'd of remembered to return it otherwise.

    At this point I still didn't know my finish position. I was just super happy to have finished. My position was confirmed to me by my family, and double checked by another competitors mother on her iPad, once I had managed to pick myself back up. 7th Woman across the line, and most importantly 1st place 35-39 year old, making me National Aquathlon Champion 35-39 for 2021.

    It's been a challenging couple of years but this really was a dream come true.

    Next race is the world Aquathlon Championships in Spain next month. I'm excited already.

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    Posted by Aimee Garnett
  • 2021 World Triathlon Long Distance Championships - Race Report by bronze medallist Camille King

    Sundried Ambassador Triathlete Camille King

    For background: 

    • I live with my husband Rob near Southampton UK where we are raising our 3 children. I addition to being an athlete, I have my own business (Dare 2 Dream Fitness), which offers Personal Training
    • I’m part of Team GB in long distance triathlon
    • At the previous ITU World Championships in long distance triathlon in May 2019 (they were held in Pontevedra in Spain), I obtained a silver medal in my age group
    • I also took part in the famous IRONMAN World Championships in Kona Hawaii in October 2019 where I ranked 11th in my age group
    • Since then despite COVID, I still managed to take part in 6 multipsport (duathlons and triathlons) events in 2020 and 2021 prior to attending the World Triathlon Championships last weekend. I podiumed in all 6 events

    You can see my details sporting results on my website, where you can also find more information about my background.

    The Race: World Triathlon World Championship 2021:

    I took part on Sunday 12th September in the 2021 World Triathlon Long Distance Championships in Almere-Amsterdam in The Netherlands. Being part of Team GB, I was able to travel to The Netherlands despite the COVID restrictions.

    The race is a long distance triathlon and it took part in Almere, a suburb of Amsterdam. So all competitors have to cover:

    - 3.8km (2.4 miles) swim in the Weerwater

    - 180km (112 miles) cycling

    - 42.3km (26.2 miles) running (a marathon).

    You can find more details about the race here.

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    My Race Report:

    Unfortunately I manage to break my little toe 6 days before the race. Not an ideal preparation and I was doubting whether I should still even be on the start line. There was a high risk that I might not make it around the iron distance course.

    Nonetheless I decided to give it a try.

    The swim started at 8 am in the Weerwater lake in Almere. The morning was windy and it was causing the water to be pretty choppy. I tried to stay away from packs of swimmers to protect my fractured toe, as I knew from past experience that it’s easy to get accidentally battered by other competitors during the open water swim. The swim is usually my weakest of the 3 disciplines and I wasn’t too surprised when I came out of the water in 1h14.

    I then hoped onto my bike to tackle the 180 km cycling course. The course is flat and fast and goes through the Dutch dykes and beautiful landscapes. I was feeling quite strong on the bike and really enjoying the course. I managed to get around the bike course in 5h12.

    Now onto the run course for the marathon. I focused on ignoring the pain in my right foot resulting from running on a fractured bone, and got on with the task at hand, 6 laps of a 7 km loop around the Weerwater lake. I shuffled my way around the course completing a 3h36 marathon, for a total race time of 10h10min57sec.

    Only 15 seconds behind American Monika Poveda and 77 seconds behind first place. Such a close podium!

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    Posted by Aimee Garnett
  • Leeds British Championships - Race Report by Will Grace

    Sundried Ambassador Triathlete Racing Cycling Triathlon

    The 4 am alarm never gets easier, but a strong coffee and breakfast down I was ready to get going to the event village. After finding my way through the road closures I soon found myself having my temperature taken, no Covid, time to race!

    Down to transition and I was amazed at the size of the field both in terms of the level of competition, with a few familiar faces and the fact transition filled a cricket pitch! Bike racked and kit laid out, it was time for one last toilet stop before the wet-suit goes on.

    Whilst walking down to the swim the nerves began to build and so I tried to focus on all the training and hard work I had put in for the build to the race. Practising the art of putting that chimp back in his box and only letting him out a little at a time. The U20s and 20-24 AG were off and it was our turn to walk down the blue carpet which was later to be graced by LCB..

    Although not a mass swim start, competitors lined up and followed each other in, meaning the start was still a fury of white water. Adrenalin pumping and I was off onto the swim, after a few hundred meters I was able to get into a rhythm and I found myself making my way through the pack and the younger AGs. Out of the water with 20:00 1500m swim (although my watch said 19:58..), and in to the long T1. Wet-suit off and lid on, time to cycle.

    The bike course was tougher than expected with a few undulating hills and a long uphill slog to start with. Lap one done and I was feeling ok on the bike, but was aware of a previous European Rival chasing me down. Aware he is a very strong cyclist I focused on my race and held consistent in the second lap. I completed the 36.2 km bike course in 57:31, which I was relatively happy with.

    Into T2 and it was time for my strongest leg. The run course was on mixed terrain with gravel tracks and grass sections with a few little kickers to raise the heart rate. Onto the final lap and I overheard that two people were in front of me, unaware if they were in my AG or not I dug deep to catch them, overtaking the lead runner on the final turn before the gladiator style travellator to the finish. Imagining I was being chased by the Wolf, I drove the legs up the final climb putting a gap between myself and the guy behind. I was the first finisher across the line with a 34:35 minute 10k, which I am very happy with.

    Final results came through and chuffed to take the win in the 25-29 AG out of 98 athletes, and even happier coming second overall out of a field of 1209 (losing out to a very strong cyclist).

    Overall, it was a very successful day at the races and has left me thinking on what I need to do now to take up to the next level (ideas welcome!).

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    Posted by Aimee Garnett
  • Pembrey Duathlon Test Event 2020 Rennbericht

    Pembrey Triathlon 2020 Rennbericht Sundried

    Sonntag, 6. September. Die neue Normalität. British Triathlon hatte dem Walisischen Triathlon die Erlaubnis erteilt, eine Veranstaltung unter strenger Anleitung nach den Covid-19-Regeln auf die Probe zu stellen.

    Es war ganz anders als normal, aber es war absolut erstaunlich, wieder Rennen zu fahren! Gesichtsmasken, separate Parkplätze und 5-Sekunden-Intervall-Timings am Start, aber es funktionierte perfekt.

    Es fand auf dem Pembrey Motor Circuit statt, wo auch der geschlossene Radkurs stattfindet. Die Veranstaltung nahm die Form eines Offroad-Duathlons an und begann mit einem kniffligen 5k-Lauf, der aus 4 Runden bestand.

    Es ging dann direkt in den technischen Radweg. Einige Teile des Kurses waren schwierig mit einer technischen Abfahrt und natürlich eine Schanze (das ist Wales!) 10 Runden der Radstrecke machten die Strecke auf dieser Sprintdistanz von 17,5 km Rad aus. Die Schanze schien gut zu laufen für die ersten 7-8 Runden, aber die letzten beiden gestochen!

    Gerade wieder rein für einen Super-Übergang, der die letzten beiden Runden des Offroad 2,5km-Laufs startet.

    Bei diesem Rennen ging es darum zu sehen, wie das Lockdown-Training verlaufen war und auch die allgemeine Fitness. Was auch immer seit März passiert ist, hat eindeutig mit einem Gesamtrennen PB und einem einzelnen 1km Lauf PB funktioniert. Ich muss sagen, dass ich das nicht erwartet habe, aber ich bin ein glücklicher Kerl!

    Wie immer bin ich sehr glücklich, die Flagge für Sundried zu fliegen. Der Trisuit fühlte sich so bequem Rennen!

    Über den Autor: Andrew Jones ist Triathlet und Sundried-Botschafter.

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  • Neujahrs Triathlon Edinburgh Rennbericht

    Neujahrstriathlon Edinburgh Rennbericht Gedicht

    Der Neujahrstriathlon in Edinburgh ist ein ganz besonderes Ereignis. Es besteht aus einem 400 m langen Bad im Commonwealth-Pool, gefolgt von 3 hügeligen Radrunden von Arthur's Seat und endet mit einer 5 km langen Straße, die durch die historischen Straßen von Edinburgh führt. In Anbetracht der Lage ist das Wetter oft ziemlich "spannend". Die Veranstaltung beginnt gegen Mittag und gibt den Menschen genügend Zeit, um aufzuwachen!

    Sundried gesponserter Athlet Alice Hector hat einen fantastischen Rennbericht in Form eines Gedichts geschrieben.

    Neujahrstag in Edinburgh

    Der erste Januar, es ist Neujahr,

    Eine schöne Zeit zum Ausruhen und Spielen.

    Vielleicht längere Zeit im Bett,

    Einen Hauch von „zartem Kopf“ pflegen.

    Ein großer Braten, ein Faulenzen,

    Sieh dir einen alten Film an, den du gefunden hast.


    Aber es gibt eine bestimmte Art von Dummkopf,

    Wer geht gerne gegen diese Regeln.

    Sie denken: „Oh, was für eine gute Idee

    Um das Gegenteil von Bier zu tun,

    Und mach ein Tri bei Arthur's Seat

    Um zu beweisen, dass wir eine totes Elite sind “.


    Diese dummen Leute, kaum gekleidet,

    Bekämpfe Wind und Kälte und fühle dich schlecht.

    Schwimmen Sie ein paar Längen und eilen Sie dann ins Freie

    Und radeln und laufen wie Minotauren.

    Ich war dort und ich gebe zu

    Eine bestimmte Art von Trottel zu sein.

    Wir machen so etwas zum Spaß,

    Was alle verwirrt.


    Der Wind schrie: „Halt hier an,

    Ihr verrückten Athleten: Verschwindet! “

    Triathleten sind der robuste Typ

    Und gib nicht kampflos auf

    Und Mutter Natur tobt herum

    Alle haben uns fast zu Boden geblasen.

    Fegte eine Richtung und dann die nächste

    Unwissende Passanten ratlos

    Whisp'ring als wir grunzten,

    "Haufen o eejits, das ist keine Lüge".

    Seitenwind hier und Seitenwind dort,

    Dummy out, das ist nicht fair!


    Endlich fertig und Freude an den Freuden,

    Ich habe alle bis auf 5 schnelle Jungs geschlagen.

    Es war mehr als alles andere ein Bonus:

    Um aufrecht zu bleiben UND den Sieg zu holen.

    Für meine Bemühungen wurde mir gegeben

    Haggis - groß wie jedes Huhn.

    4 Kilogramm Fleisch und „Zeug“

    Geeignet dafür, so mächtig hart zu sein!

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