• Sally Talbot - Yoga Instructor and Ambassador

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    How did you first discover your love for yoga?

    In 2000, I was diagnosed with M.E. a chronic and debilitating illness. It took many years for me to recover fully. It was an illness that left me house bound and often bed ridden.

    In addition to nutritional changes (ones I still adopt to this day) Yoga played a huge part in my recovery. I found a local class and attended when I felt well enough. This weekly class gave me an insight into the importance of mindfulness and movement and what a powerful combination that can be when practised appropriately. As my health improved I became more curious about this ancient practise. I embarked on a 3 year Teacher Training Course with The British Wheel of Yoga. My passion for Yoga was ignited the moment I sat on my mat all those years ago, despite my ill health.

    What sets yoga apart from other fitness disciplines?

    The word “Yoga” means to unite. During a yoga class and by having a regular practise of Yoga we aim to unite both mind and body. This is achieved through posture work (asana), breathing exercises/awareness (pranayama), meditation (dharana) and relaxation techniques (yoga nidra). Yoga in essence is the ability to quieten the mind by working on all of the above principles. Unlike many other fitness disciplines, when practising Yoga, being competitive with either yourself or others is strongly discouraged.

    How has yoga improved your life?

    Yoga not only improved my life, I will always credit the practise for giving me my life back. Yoga allowed me to have a life. I learnt the meaning of listening to my body. I discovered tools we can use to quieten the mind. I started to understand how important the act of breathing is for our mental and physical well being. I cannot underestimate how important this practise has been in my life and continues to be. The philosophy of mindfulness that I learnt through this practise underpins everything I do both on and off the mat daily.

    How often do you practise yoga?

    I have a daily morning practise which includes mobility work, breathing and meditation.

    What advice would you give to someone thinking of trying yoga for the first time?

    You do not have to be flexible to practise Yoga. You just have to come on to your mat and breathe. Find a teacher you feel comfortable with and choose a practise that makes you feel good. If you don’t enjoy your first class, explore others. Find a teacher who offers you an experience you feel comfortable with. There are many different styles of Yoga. Some offer more breath work. Others will be more physical. Find a class, a style and a level that you enjoy.

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    Tell us something unusual we may not know about you.

    I have an identical Twin Sister.

    Do you follow a specific diet plan?

    Yes. I don’t eat meat. I haven’t done so for over 20 years. I rarely eat fish. I am mainly plant based. I drink milk alternatives such as almond, oat and soya. I do enjoy a homemade cake post long cycle ride or run though, but tend to avoid sugar as much as possible. I also avoid processed food. Preferring to eat seasonally and healthily. I adopted this method of eating in order to support my recovery. For me personally, it works. I don’t advocate this specific dietry plan but I do encourage everyone to find foods that make them feel well. Foods that nourish them. And in that discovery, become more mindful of where the food comes from.

    How do you keep your knowledge up to date?

    I am a member of the British Wheel of Yoga. They are the UK governing body of Yoga in the UK and who I trained with. They offer fantastic training days, extra modular courses and In Service Training Days. Pre covid I have enjoyed Yoga Retreats in the UK and abroad with well known and respected Teachers in the industry. I hope that these will one day resume. Until then, it’s making the most of on line learning, reading resources and being part of the Yoga community via The British Wheel.

    Why work with Sundried?

    I am firm believer that how we treat the planet is equally as important as how we treat one another. At Sundried I have found a brand who shares this belief. Not only are their products built to last, they are created ethically and sustainably including a range of active wear made from 100% recycled plastic. I am also supporting a company that wants to give back to the community. This is demonstrated in the support to Water For Kids and Surfers Against Sewage. They are a brand that offers so much more than high quality, great looking clothing. And I am thrilled to be part of the team.

    Favourite fitness quote?

    Progress not Perfection.

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  • May Ling Perry-Foo - Yoga Instructor and Ambassador

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    How did you first discover your love for yoga?

    Wanting to release tension from my back and shoulders, I was told yoga might be a good way to address that. So there I was at my first yoga class ever and after 90 minutes I felt amazing. As I continued to practice more regularly to primarily release physical tension, I got absolutely hooked to it because I noticed how my body became stronger and flexible, and I always felt so much better after class. As my practice developed, so did my love for yoga and the only regret I have is that I didn’t discover yoga sooner!

    What sets yoga apart from other fitness disciplines?

    There’s something for everyone! Yoga can be calming and relaxing, but it can also be sweaty and challenging... and all the aforementioned at the same time! While yoga can be done as a single way to keep fit, it’s also a great way to complement any other fitness regime, not only to build strength, but also focus.

    How has yoga improved your life?

    Yoga has mostly taught me confidence. Through yoga I discovered that I’ve got a level of strength within me, both physically and mentally, that I didn’t even know was there. Also, yoga was what kept me sane when I was working in my previous corporate career in market research and consulting, eventually making me realise my purpose in life was not to be working on research projects, but to be sharing the magic of yoga with everyone!

    How often do you practice yoga?

    Every day! 

    What advice would you give to someone thinking of trying yoga for the first time?

    Go for it! There’s so many styles of yoga, be open to try out various styles and classes to see which ones work for you.
    Go into a class without expectations, keep an open mind and focus on what you’re feeling, rather than how you look. Listen to your body and don’t feel the need you have to do every single pose.

    And most importantly: breathe!

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    Tell us something unusual we may not know about you:

    I love horror movies, especially the cheesy slashers from the eighties. Probably not something you’d expect from a yoga teacher!

    Do you follow a specific diet plan?

    I start every morning with some warm lemon water, and throughout the day I keep myself hydrated with water and green tea. I try to include as much fruit and veg into my meals every day to complement the steaks and burgers I enjoy so much!

    How do you keep your knowledge up to date?

    I attend additional yoga teacher trainings and listen to podcasts. I keep a collection of reference books around anatomy and class sequencing, and also continuously read up on the science and history behind yoga. And lots of self-practice, trying out poses and transitions to experience them properly so I know how to guide my students accordingly.

    Why work with Sundried?

    My aim is to keep yoga accessible to anyone who’s interested. Sundried offers clothing that is affordable, yet still maintains high quality with consideration of the environment. This proves you don’t need to spend a fortune to be able to keep yourself supported, comfortable, and looking good while keeping yourself fit and staying kind to the planet.

    Favourite fitness quote

    “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

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  • Sally O'Sullivan - Personal Trainer and Ambassador

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    After experiencing some inspirational fitness classes, Sally qualified as a personal trainer so she could help others have the same magical experience she did. She talks to Sundried about her journey.

    Tell us about your journey to fitness? Where did it all start? 

    I trained as a dancer from the age of three until I went to university. In fact, it was very nearly my career, but I didn't want to be forced to retire at 30! I rediscovered fitness in my late 20's after experiencing some truly inspirational - I'd even say magical - classes in London. One or two instructors have been pivotal in my motivation by showing me just what a journey a fitness class can be - physically and mentally. The highs, the lows, the excitement, the emotion - all condensed into one hour. It's both a talent and a finely-honed skill, and I knew I wanted to be able to deliver that… one day! 

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    What are your training goals now? 

    Firstly, I've rediscovered my love for running and have joined a challenge with an online (at the moment, due to lockdown) running club called Force Velocity Running. Through live, guided runs, we're remotely but collectively running the distance from Big Ben in London to Ushuaia in Ibiza. There's a bit of friendly competition as we're split into teams and it's a lovely, supportive and very motivating community to be part of. 

    Secondly, I've been doing CrossFit for a couple of years now and although we can't be physically in our amazing box - TIO CrossFit right now, it's always there as a backbone to both my training and my life in general. Again, it's a community thing; I've made some of my best friends there, but of course we do also set goals! Both of my CrossFit goals for this year are strength-related - getting after a 1.5 x bodyweight squat and 1.25 x bodyweight clean and jerk!

    What sporting events have you taken part in and what have you got coming up? 

    Aside from the running challenge I’m currently doing, I plan to do the CrossFit Open again this year. It’ll be a little different as most people haven’t had access to their gyms as usual, so it’ll be interesting to see how that works out. Even the thought of those workouts makes me nervous. Good nervous though! 

    Tell us one unusual fact we wouldn’t know about you: 

    I once briefly met Simon Cowell and he told me I was 'gobby'. Still makes me laugh to this day, as that's a proper insight to the 'real' Sally that he saw immediately. Anyone who knows me knows that day-to-day, I'm polite and courteous, a good listener, and generally very British - in the best sense. But he saw through to my cheekiness in the blink of an eye. Was that talent or a lucky guess?! 

    What advice do you wish you'd been given when you first started out? 

    When you get knockbacks, take a big, deep breath, pick yourself up and just keep putting one foot in front of the other - literally and figuratively! It can be really hard when something you had your heart set on doesn't work out. But experience has taught me that every single time, the alternative door that opens is a much better route for you. Things do work out for the best, naturally, in the end. And you will be a more rounded, resilient, confident person for having gone through those pitfalls and come out the other side.

    Do you follow a specific nutrition plan? If so, what/when do you eat? 

    My first PT educated me well about nutrition and how to eat for my shape and size. I'm tiny but I have a huge appetite so it's just as well that I'm very active. In the past, I've followed super-clean, super-regimented plans and got very lean, but these days I'm more focused on fuelling correctly and being able to live a full life which includes alcohol and cookies!

    Now that I'm trainer myself, I also want to lead by example for what I think is healthy. My current nutrition is very balanced with roughly equal amounts of carbs, proteins and fats and I eat three meals and two snacks a day - the 'little and often' approach definitely works best for me. I do eat meat and fish. And cookies! 

    What do you do to keep your clients motivated? Do you have any top tips to keep motivated? 

    When it comes to classes, I find variety is the best way to keep things fresh and engaging, and that goes for me as a trainer too. If I'm bored coaching something, then you can bet my clients would be! I also don't believe in lazy programming and think clients can see though that. I could be wrong, of course, but I've stopped going to instructors myself in the past because it was the same old stuff and guess what? I got bored.

    Of course, there need to be some constant threads running through programming to ensure progression and that you're not just zigzagging aimlessly through movements with no direction. None of us would reach our goals if that was the case! But my top tip would be to find a trainer who can balance your progression with fun and variety and who can keep things interesting. 

    Talk us through your training regime. 

    Right now, I'm strength training five times a week, although each day has a different focus/body part. I'm also running 3-4 times a week as part of this challenge and I'm going to count sleeping as part of my training at the moment, since I seem to be getting record hours in. Lockdown does have its perks!

    When the world starts reopening, I'll be chomping at the bit to get back to my CrossFit box: TIO CrossFit in Barnes, London.

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    Posted by Aimee Garnett
  • Oliver Cannon - Athlete Ambassador

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    Oliver is an athlete who has recently taken up cycling. He talks to Sundried about training and racing. 

    Have you always been into sport?

    No, I started running just under 3 years ago and was immediately addicted. Before this you would never get me out.

    How did you first get into triathlon?

    I have not done a triathlon but have just started cycling so maybe in the future.

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    What has been your favourite race to date and why?

    So far it has been the Hackney Half. Its just got such a great atmosphere and you get spectators all the way round the course calling your name. Its just like a mini London marathon.

    What is your proudest achievement?

    Completing my first half marathon just 6 months after starting running. I will hopefully be completing London marathonic this year.

    Have you ever had any racing disasters?

    Not yet.

    How do you overcome setbacks?

    I just push though and keep going. See friends. Luckily I haven't had any serious injuries or set backs that have stopped me running.

    What are your goals?

    To complete my first marathon is the immediate goal then I would like to do an ultra.

    Who inspires you?

    All my friends and the running community as a whole.

    Why work with Sundried?

    I would like to represent a brand that is looking to the future and is eco-friendly. I like the values the company stands by.

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  • Amber Rose Pilates Coach Botschafter

    Pilates Coach Fitness Gesundheit

    Amber ist ein Online-Pilates und Wellness-Coach, der Wohlbefinden und Achtsamkeit in ihrem täglichen Leben verbreitet.Hier spricht sie mit Sundred über das Leben in Fitness.

    Bitte erzählen Sie uns von sportlichen Veranstaltungen, an denen Sie teilgenommen haben oder die bevorstehen.

    Ich liebe es, aktiv zu bleiben und fühle, dass es immer gut ist, ein Ereignis im Tagebuch zu haben, an das ich arbeiten muss.In der Vergangenheit habe ich es genossen, an Hindernisregeln teilzunehmen (Das Yorkshire Terroir war mein Favorit) und an Open-Water-Schwimmveranstaltungen wie der Great North Swim und die Epic Swim-Serie im Lake District teilzunehmen.Im 2019 schwamm ich den Ärmelkanal als Teil eines Relais-Teams.

    Erzählen Sie uns von Ihrer Fitness-Reise?Wo hat das alles angefangen?

    Ich war schon immer aktiv. Ich habe mich als Kind intensiv mit der darstellenden Kunst und dem Tanzen beschäftigt, bis hin zu den örtlichen Fitnessstudios und Fitnesskursen, die einmal alt genug sind.Mit 19.Jahren entschied ich mich, als Fitnesslehrer und Sporttherapeutin mit Premier Training zu trainieren.Ich habe in Fitnessstudios und Fitness clubs, Trainingsgruppen und 1:1 im Bereich der Kombi- und Fitnesskurse gearbeitet.Ich habe auch mein eigenes Business Personal Training in Menschenheimen eingerichtet.Als die Gelegenheit auftauchte, mit Michael King zu trainieren, um Pilates Instructor zu werden, sprang ich auf die Chance!In der Zwischenzeit, zwei Kinder zu haben und älter zu werden, bedeutet, dass ich jeden Tag hart an meiner eigenen Gesundheit und Fitness arbeiten muss.Ich liebe es, draußen mit meinen Hunden zu sein, zu laufen oder zu schwimmen!Ich passe auch zweimal oder dreimal pro Woche in mein eigenes Pilates-Training ein und mache jeden Morgen ein 10-minütiges Training, abwechselnd zwischen Hiit und Yoga.

    Was sind nun Ihre Trainingsziele?

    Für mich geht es darum, ein Gleichgewicht zu wahren, aber auch neue Ziele zu setzen.Ich möchte mein Pilates-Training fortsetzen, mein Wissen über den Pilates-Apparat erweitern und mit ihm Kraft und Flexibilität unterstützen.Ich hoffe, dieses Jahr noch mehr im offenen Wasser zu schwimmen, das ich liebe, und die Wintermonate weiterzumachen.Das Gefühl, das es Ihnen gibt, ist einfach erstaunlich. Sie fühlen sich so frei und eins mit der Natur.Ich will mehr laufen und mich selbst herausfordern.Ich mag Canicross mit meinem Hund Dexter und vielleicht auch ein paar Veranstaltungen mit diesem!

    Erzählen Sie uns eine ungewöhnliche Tatsache, die wir über Sie wissen würden:

    Ich rede im Schlaf.Sehr viel.Mein (Ex) Ehemann pflegte eine Aufzeichnung davon zu führen und pflegte zu sagen, er könne ein Buch schreiben!Das Beste war: Ich kann im Kombikino (im Kombikino);...wer auch immer Robert is t...!

    Welchen Rat wünschst du dir, als du angefangen hast?

    Wie lebenswichtig die geistige Gesundheit für die körperliche Fitness ist und die beiden absolut zusammenpassen.Es ist so wichtig, Menschen zu helfen, gesund im Geist und im Körper zu bleiben.

    Befolgen Sie einen speziellen Ernährungsplan?Wenn ja, was/wann isst du?

    Ich liebe es, gesund zu essen und Saft zu genießen.Die meisten Tage beginnen wir mit einem Saft oder einem Smoothie - it-deck-8217s groß, um die Kinder in die Schule zu schicken, wissend, dass sie den Tag bereits mit einer Ladung Grün und Obst begonnen haben.Ich esse Fleisch aus gesundheitlichen und ethischen Gründen und versuche, Milchprodukte so weit wie möglich einzuschränken.Ich sorge auch dafür, dass ich viel Wasser trinke.

    Was tun Sie, um Ihre Kunden motiviert zu halten?Haben Sie irgendwelche Top-Tipps, um motiviert zu bleiben?

    Ich halte meine Sitzungen ernst, aber lustig.Wir bewegen uns und denken weiter, arbeiten mit dem Gehirn und dem Körper.Bei Pilates ist jede Bewegung ein Gedankenprozess.Joseph Pilates beschrieb es sogar als "(821616The thinking way of moving two 8217;.Ich leite derzeit Kurse durch eine private Facebook-Gruppe - Studio LIVE und auf Zoom, ermutigend Teilnehmer und bietet Korrekturen und Anpassungen an.Gruppensitzungen sind eine gute Möglichkeit, motiviert zu bleiben.Buchen Sie es und schreiben Sie es in Ihr Tagebuch.Denken Sie daran, wie gut Sie sich nach Ihrem Training fühlen werden.Denken Sie daran, dass Sie im Bereich der Kombi-8217; sind nur ein Training von einer guten Stimmung entfernt!

    Erzählen Sie uns von Ihrem Trainingsregime.

    Also beginne ich meinen Tag in der Regel um 6 Uhr morgens. Ich liebe es, vor dem Rest des Hauses aufzustehen und mich für ein 10-minütiges Training einzurichten (seltsamerweise liebe ich das im Winter, während es draußen noch dunkel ist!) Ich werde entweder eine 10-minütige HIIT-Sitzung oder eine Yoga- oder Pilates-Routine machen. Ich versuche auch, 5-10 Minuten Achtsamkeit zu tun, bevor alle anderen wach sind, da dies hilft, mich für den Tag einzurichten. Den ganzen Tag über werde ich Pilates-Kurse und 1:1 es unterrichten, an meinem Direktverkauf als Neal es Yard Remedies Organic-Geschäft arbeiten und mit meinen Hunden spazieren gehen oder laufen, bevor ich die Kinder von der Schule treffe. Einmal in der Woche schwimme ich im offenen Wasser - in der Regel der Fluss!

    Wie halten Sie Ihr Fitness-Wissen auf dem neuesten Stand?

    Ich nehme immer an Trainingstage und Workshops teil. Es ist so wichtig, mit der Branche Schritt zu halten und es hilft auch mit neuen Ideen, um meine Klassen abwechslungsreich und lustig zu halten. Zuletzt habe ich meine Ausbildung zum Adore Your Pelvic Floor Coach aktualisiert und genieße es, mich auf Frauengesundheit zu spezialisieren.

    Was sind Deine Top 3 Trainertipps?

    1. Bleiben Sie fokussiert
    2. Seien Sie achtsam
    3. Atmen

    Wenn du nur eine Sache für den Rest deines Lebens essen könntest, was wäre das?

    Ich müsste sagen, Wassermelone. Es ist erfrischend, süß und voller Antioxidantien. Ich konnte diese definitiv nur für den Rest meines Lebens essen!

    Warum mit Sundried arbeiten?

    Ich arbeite nur mit Unternehmen zusammen, die starke Werte und Ethik haben. Sundried trägt dazu bei, die Welt positiv zu beeinflussen, und das ist etwas, was mir sehr am Herzen liegt.


    "Achten Sie auf Ihren Körper. Es ist der einzige Ort, an dem du leben musst." Jim Rohn

    Posted by Alexandra Parren