Wouldn’t it be great to know what to expect before you were tri-suited up battling against the undergrowth?

Triathlon swimming

If you knew you weren't late for your wave start,  because you already knew parking was tough and caught the train in.

If you managed to smile in all your photographs, because you already knew whereabouts your wife was going to be standing with the camera?

Hindsight is a wonderful thing and we want you to go into every triathlon as prepared as possible, which is why we’ve created the Triathlon Review blog.

As a brand with its roots in the world of triathlon, it only seems fair that we share as much advice as we can, anecdotal or otherwise… whatever gets you to the finish and some extra time shaved off your pb wouldn’t go amiss either!

Triathlon running

We want you to pick up tips, to share advice, for us to motivate you and you to motivate us.

We’re researching all the best Triathlons to bring you the best guidelines and advice around, but we need your help. If you’ve taken part in a Triathlon recently, we want to hear about it?

Thinking of competing in a triathlon but not sure what to expect?


Done more triathlons than you can count?

We’d love to hear from you. Contact: vicky@sundried.com

Plus, participating athletes will have the chance to receive Sundried Triathlete activewear.

You can read our reviews so far here under our Triathlon blog: