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Training continues for the triathlon and it's still going great! I completed my longest ride to date last weekend, cycling 20 miles round the country lanes of Essex. It was the first time I've gone for a proper spin on the road bike, especially on roads open to traffic (as I usually stick to dedicated cycle paths). It was great fun, and once I was out in the sticks it was really quite enjoyable. Who knew there was someone around the corner from me that has a llama farm!? That was quite a find. The only downside is the motorists. At this point, I'm wondering if I'll ever get used to the feeling of a lorry thundering past me with only an inch of space, or the speed at which people approach junctions while I'm cycling past. I can't shake the feeling that it only takes one idiot one time to make one mistake and that could be me in a heap on the roadside. But still, I persevere, especially as cycling round town is much better for both me and the environment than driving. My car hasn't moved in a week! I have set myself a goal of cycling 40k (roughly 25 miles) next weekend so I'll let you know how that goes.

The running is also going fantastically. I ran a comfortable 5 miles at the weekend and although my feet were killing me the whole time, I can honestly say I enjoyed it. I was sweaty and starving when I got back, but the feeling of achievement definitely overpowered that. It's the longest run I've done since I stopped running last year, and now I'm aiming to run my first 10k in a year this weekend. One of the biggest challenges I find is actually just deciding where to run! Living in a seaside town, the seafront is an obvious choice. But having run that same route countless times over the past few years, it gets a bit boring after a while, and there's nothing worse than a boring route to make a run feel like it's going on forever. So I'm looking at some new routes I can test out. 

I still haven't done any swimming training or taken any swimming lessons, but one step at a time. The cycling and running are coming on in leaps and bounds and that's all I need in the lead up to the duathlon that I've entered in October. Once I've completed that, I'll look at getting my swimming up to standard a little more.

I am also on a personal weight loss journey at the moment, which is definitely being helped by all the cycling and running! I mentioned in the first post of this blog series that I have changed my diet from high fat - low carb to high carb - low fat, and it seems to be taking my body a little while to adjust. Our MD at Sundried followed the 5:2 diet very strictly for a long time and swears by it for dropping body fat - and it clearly works as he's sitting at about 6%. The premise of the 5:2 diet is that for 2 days a week you only consume 500 calories, and then for the rest of the week you eat normally. Now, I absolutely do not believe in fad diets and I do not condone them whatsoever. However, the concept of intermittent fasting - which is the underlying foundation for this diet - is one that has been tried and tested by athletes for many years and is a widely accepted means for dropping body fat in not only the fitness community but the spiritual one too. So I'm going to compromise, and eat 500 calories for 1 day a week while eating normally for the other 6. That 500 calorie day happens to be tomorrow so I'll be sure to let you know how that goes! Eek!

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