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Scott Bayvel tells Sundried about qualifying for the South African Triathlon Championships, his training regime and super duper smoothies.

Tell us how you came to be a triathlete?

I became a triathlete in 2015. I was always a sporty person; swimming, soccer, rugby, cricket, boxing, athletics, squash, I mean you name it and I did it. My main sport was, however, rugby but unfortunately the sport took a huge toll on my body and I incurred many injuries. In 2014 while playing rugby I tore my ACL knee ligament and had to have an operation where I would be out of action for 8 months. During my time recovering, I thought long and hard about what I would do when I got better. I had a good friend who has been involved in triathlons for a while who I went to school with, and I liked the idea of mixing 3 sports into one race. Seemed fun and exciting. So I contacted him and ask him a couple of questions and next thing you know I'm registered and training for my first race in 2015. This sport must be one of the toughest and enduring out there, maybe that's why I enjoy it so much, that feeling out pushing your body to its limit just seems to drive me more and more. After my first race, I completely fell in love with the sport and haven't ever looked back on my decision. I plan to make this a long and glorious career.

What has been your best race to date?

My best race to date would have to be the Trinity Gold Series race beginning of this year (2016, January), where I qualified for the Gauteng Provincial team. I was ecstatic to make my Provincial team which also lead me to make the South African Triathlon Championships.

Talk us through your training regime:

My training regime is day in, day out. Haha, but seriously, I train everyday of the week all year round. My program goes something like this:

  • Monday - Swimming squad in the morning followed by a short recovery run, with a strength session later. 
  • Tuesday - Track running session in the morning. 
  • Wednesday - Swimming in the morning followed by a long cycle. 
  • Thursday - Interval cycle session followed by a brick run. 
  • Friday - Swimming in the morning followed by a strength session. 
  • Saturday - Long cycle in the morning. 
  • Sunday - Long run in the morning. 
  • I train between 14-19hrs weekly. Just depending on where I am with my race schedule. 

Do you follow a nutrition plan?

Over the years, and with my rugby background I have always eaten very healthy and have tapered my own nutritional plan to suit my body. As everyone is different so you have to find what works for you. My first meal when I wake up in the morning is a smoothie. I add protein powder, peanut butter, weetbix, dates, banana, 1 raw egg, plenty of ice and some water. Plus an Americano coffee. My second meal after training is a must. I go straight to Mugg&Bean cafe and order my egg white omelette, with salmon and cheddar cheese inside with health bread, and also an extra slice of health bread with avo on. Plus an Americano coffee.
My 3rd meal will depend if I'm at work or home. If I'm at work I will get a 300g rump steak with vegetables and bbq sauce. Delicious. If I'm at home I'll have another one of my awesome smoothies.
Dinner meal is normally chicken, steak, chops or mince meat. I'll eat one of those with vegetables.

Scott Bayvel wearing sundried gym shorts

What is your strongest discipline in triathlon?

My strongest discipline would have to be swimming. I come from a strong swimming background but I also just really enjoy it. I swam a lot in my school days and excelled.

What’s your weakest?

Weakest discipline at the moment I would have to say is the run. But every month I am getting faster and faster.

What are your future training goals?

My future goals would be to turn professional in a couple years after I gain some more experience, but that's a long-term goal. Short term goals would be, do a race overseas once a year. I would also like to make the qualifying slot for standard distance world champs next year as well as half Ironman world champs next year too.

Where was your favourite tri so far?

So far my favorite would have had to have been my first one, the Tinman series triathlon which took place in Durban, South Africa. It was my favorite because it was my first one, I had no idea what to expect or what was waiting for me. It was also after this race that I fell in love with this sport.

What do you like about Sundried?

Sundried looks like a great brand. I really like the look of the clothing especially as it's athlete specific. Not many good looking sports wear out there, but Sundried's clothing definitely appeals to me.


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