Part of our wedding workout guide.

That’s right ladies it’s time for week 2 of your “make your ‘something new’ your body” wedding workout regime.

After last week's aisle ready arms, it’s time to take things up a notch, so get ready to say ‘yes’ to sculpted shoulders.

Boost your confidence with this shoulder focused workout, perfect for those going strapless. All you need are a couple of sets of dumbbells, I suggest a light pair and a heavier pair and then a mat, or clear space to move around freely.

Plank Hold

Warm up:

Your warm up’s the same as last week, so you should be pros at this by now. The moves are simple and effective, taking your heart rate over 130bpm to get the job done.

Read this article to understand why you should use your heart rate when training.

The 100: Complete 20 of each of these exercises to warm your body up so you are limber and ready to exercise.

  • 20 x Forward and Backward Arm Circles
  • 20 x Trunk twists
  • 20 x Star Jumps
  • 20 x Heel Flicks
  • 20 x High Knees


Now you’re good and ready, let’s get to work!

Last week you were working on 10 reps, but this week, we’re going for a dirty dozen!

Pike Push Ups

Start as though you were about to complete a regular pushup, with your arms extended beneath your shoulders in a plank position. To complete a pike push up you now bring your bum into the air as high as you can and complete a push up from this position. This puts more focus onto the shoulders. You’re going for 12.

Up and Down Planks

Start in a plank from your hands. Keeping your balance and control, lower one side so that you are in a plank from your forearm, match the other side and then pick yourself back up into a extended plank one side at a time. Both sides up and down counts as one rep, let’s get 12.

Side plank

Lie on your side and place your elbow directly underneath your shoulder with your forearm flat on the floor. Push your side up so you’re propped up on your elbow, keeping your body streamlined with your hips lifted. Hold here for 30 seconds, before switching and repeating on the other side.

Plank with Renegade Row

For this move, you’ll need to grab your pair of dumbbells. Now holding a dumbbell in each hand, come into an extended plank. Leading with the elbow, lift your dumbbell up towards your armpit for a row. Return the dumbbells to the floor in an extended plank position and then repeat the other side.  You should complete 12.

Arnold Press

This one requires your heavy weights. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and your dumbbells held in front of your face. Your palms should be facing towards you, with your weights held as though they were in a static bicep curl, you then bring your dumbbells round until they are at the start point for a shoulder press. You’ll be shaped like a Y with your arms at a 90 degree angle, palms facing out, from here we then push above the head, without pausing. As you return the weights to their start position, you turn your palms back in to face towards you. Palms face in, out and then in again. Complete 12.

L Raises  

Back to your lighter dumbbells. Grab a weight in each hand, palms facing towards you. Raise the dumbbells up in front of you with straight arms until they are in line with your chest, from here split your arms and bring each dumbbell back until they are extended in line laterally with your shoulders. 12 reps.

Arm Circles

Grabbing a lighter dumbbell in each hand, extend your arms out by your sides and draw little circles in the air. Continue circling for 30 seconds. Push through the burn, think wedding bells. You can do it.

The Finisher: Dumbbell Press Burpees

These are tough. Grab your dumbbells and hit the deck, jumping your legs out and in for a burpee. Now as you jump up to finish 1 rep, lift your weights above your head for a shoulder press. Killer. 12 to finish!

Complete this circuit 3 times over for shoulders ready for showing off in your wedding dress.

Cool Down:

Shrug and Roll

Relax. Raise your shoulders up towards your ears and give them a roll, circling forwards and backwards.

Bend and Stretch

Bend over and let your upper body hang loose, if your arms are dangling against the floor, grab your forearms to allow a further stretch.

Cross Body Reach Behind The Head

Lift your right arm straight up, then bend at the elbow and let hand fall behind your head, bend your left arm round and reach towards the right hand. Your aiming for them to meet by your shoulder blades. Swap and do the same for the other side.

Perfect Your Posture

Top tip: Work on your posture to create better looking shoulders. Slumped over shoulders make you look smaller and tired. Practice keeping your chest lifted by relaxing your shoulders with this 3 part routine. Shrug, Push, Drop. First, shrug your shoulders up as high as you can to your ears, then push them right back, sticking your chest out and squeezing your shoulder blades together. Finally, drop your shoulders back down. Think up, back and down and always try to stand with your sternum facing up.

Have fun girls, you can do this!

Next week… “I do” want a flat stomach...