That’s it, you’ve done it. You’ve decided “enough is enough” and committed yourself to a new fitness regime.  Well done you.

Now what?

Here’s our list of essentials for your new venture, sure to set you on your way to a fitter 2016.

The Trainers

Choosing a new pair of trainers can be tough, with so much choice out there it’s often  overwhelming. Start by determining what type of training you're going to start. For example, a runner will be looking at trainers specifically designed to suit their sport, with different levels of cushioning dependent upon running style, distance and foot shape. Whereas your gym newbie needs to look for a ‘training’ shoe, these tend to be flatter than a running shoe, with less support. The foot needs to be closer to the ground so the heel can drive off the floor during lifts and the terrain is flat unlike the outdoors.

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The Tracker

The latest fitness trend is to carry your technology at a touch of the wrist. All day activity watch trackers promise to encourage us to exercise more and offer feedback on our every move. The latest trackers even offer heart rate and sleep tracking for round the clock feedback to help you stay on track.

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The Outfit

Quality, not quantity should be the focus here, remember you're putting your body through a lot in these clothes.In order to grow stronger, we ‘tear and repair’ our muscles. The clothes you wear hold the responsibility of carrying you through this. Compression gear will help to eliminate lactic acid and aid recovery, but make sure your clothes are still breathable.

Obviously, it’s important to look good in the kit too and Castelli’s gear is designed to do both:

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The Plan

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”

Whatever your new regime entails, it’s important to have a clear line of direction for where you want to take it. Whether you're designing a programme yourself or having a Personal Trainer do it for you, make sure you have 6 weeks worth of training established. The first two weeks of training are always going to be the hardest, by week 3-4, routine would have become habit and you’ll be able to notice results. These results are what will keep you motivated through till week 6, by this point your body would have adapted to the exercise so it's time to adapt your routine to avoid plateauing. Simple changes in distance, tempo or repetitions can ensure your body is left constantly guessing.

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The Persistence

Persistence is what takes motivation and transforms them into lifetime habits. Training is hard, whether you're new to fitness or not, you’re going to ache, struggle and want to quit. Try and bring focus to every workout to remain motivated and when you feel like stopping, remember why you started. Persevere to the end and you won’t regret it.