We often go for the traditional approach to exercise and stick to the tried and tested methods. We jog, run, cycle, weight train and so on, but have you ever thought of trying something new?

Outdoor Training

Fitness crazes are something we are used to seeing come and go because people can’t help but invent new ways to do things. A lot of sports just modify themselves slightly and create a craze that sticks. Spinning, for example, has become a massive hit and a great way to keep fit.

So what else is there as an alternative for those who want to shape it up?

1) Hoola hoops - We don't mean the crisps either. Rotating that hoop around with your body can burn a good 200 calories in 30 minutes and it works out your abs, arms, thighs and glutes. Stick on your favourite tunes and get hooping.

2) Pole fitness - Pole fitness classes have sprung up all over the country for many reasons (and it isn't about dancing), but the main one is that it is an excellent way to keep fit. The acrobatic craze offers a fun workout for men and women that will both strengthen and tone. Classes can be mixed or women only.

3) Ariel yoga - If normal yoga isn't enough for you, then you may want to try ariel yoga. Get up in the air with this yoga, adapted from traditional yoga, and enjoy some freedom. Using silk hammocks you are raised off of the ground, twisting and stretching your way into shape.

4) Use a barre - Ballet is a great way to keep in shape, but does take discipline and years of practice. A barre based workout can help you achieve a ballerina look. It uses yoga, pilates and weights to help strengthen your muscles.

5) Get bouncing - Always wanted to go on your kids trampoline? Well now you can...sort of. Mini trampolines are a great tool to help keep you in shape. You get a high intensity work out and you can do it at home or in a class. It is great fun and you will get your heart rate up without even thinking about it. Your abs and legs will really benefit from this.

Exercise is supposed to be enjoyable and it is worth exploring some alternatives if you can.