What’s your next challenge? A triathlon? A weight milestone? A time on a bike? 30 situps?

Sharing your goals and lettings as many people know about your plans as possible is a great way to self motivate and actually achieve your goals. For example if you're planning on doing a triathlon in a few months time, but you know that your life will find lots of things to get in the way, if you tell lots of people you're going to do in, in a way you're more motivated to complete the task and not let everyone else down. You don’t need to get sponsorship either to use the motivation of a ‘share’. Pop it on your Facebook. Or just mention it to people at work.

If you work towards something in silence, then it is much easier to back out. But when a friend asks, ‘how is your training going’, that may be all the motivation you need to step it up a gear.

Give it a try!
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