Can you squeeze out 30 body-weight squats? If you would like to run or cycle faster, build tone, chucking in a few sets of squats to your daily routine will have an enormous benefit.

Developing more power in your thighs will benefit most sporting activities. It is a quick way to raise your heart rate. It is really easy to get ‘the burn’. But why do so many people shy away from squats?

Watch any preschool child playing and a seated squat is so effortless for them. We start to lose the ability to sit in a squat once we go to school and move into the classroom, starting to sit at desks. By high-school a seated squat is something only the ‘sporty’ kids can do. Once you leave your teens it is something hardly anyone can do. And it gets harder as you get older and spend more of your life sitting down.

A seated squat takes a fairly healthy adult a few months to reach a minute and in the process you get all the benefits of developing power, tone, speed.

Supporting the squat with a table leg or door handle is a great way you can practice at home or in your office when no one is looking. Make sure you pick something sturdy to use to support your bodyweight.

Squats Generate Power
We will be bringing you a training plan to incorporate into your daily routine soon, but for now start with bodyweight squats. Keep your back straight and go as low as you can.