Keep active on holiday with barefoot running

Barefoot Running

You won’t even need to pack your trainers to give this one a try. Keep your fitness up whilst on holiday by trying barefoot running along the beach. Research has shown that giving up exercising entirely for just two weeks can take 6 weeks to build back, so holiday guilt free by adding in this summer shape up.

Sundried recommend getting up early and starting your day by watching the sunrise whilst running along the sand. Swapping from running in trainers on a treadmill to running barefoot along the beach has multiple benefits … and it’s not just extra tanning potential!

Vitamin D - Running outside exposes your skin to more vitamin D. Vitamin D helps to promote healthy bones and improves our bodies ability to absorb calcium.

Extra work - The sand’s unstable nature means it takes far more work to run across. Research in The Journal of Experimental Biology found that running on the sand requires 1.6 times more energy than running on a hard surface. Your sandy sprints will challenge your balance by  working on an unstable surface and get the job done quicker, leaving you more time to relax and enjoy the holiday.

Natural Movement - Running barefoot also improves your body's natural movement pattern, as you get sensory feedback through the ground, which can lead to better technique and posture.

The View - Being on holiday is all about experiencing a new place. Get out there and check out the view of your destination. Running barefoot along the beach is sure to have a better view than a treadmill back home.


Be warned: The later on in the day you leave it, the warmer the sand gets and hot sand can burn the soles of your feet, which is why we recommend a morning jog whilst the sand has been left to cool overnight.

Run close to the shoreline so if your feet get too hot, you can dip your toes in the sea to cool off if you need to.

Holiday blues? Short of driving to your local beach, you can still bring the benefits of barefoot back home with you. Try a barefoot trainer to get that extra sensory feedback from the ground and create a playlist that takes you back to your holidays, so you can ponder over all your happy memories on your run.

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