High Intensity Interval training is gaining its momentum as the summer shredder workout once again as the summer months are on their way and it time to burn off our winter fluff, but could you get more from your HIIT by taking it outside?

As well as reaping all the benefits listed in our article on outdoor training here taking you HIIT outside can make a real change to your training.

Gym Vs Outside

Outdoor Sprints

Hills, stairs, roads, the park or simply up and down your street, sprints can be done anywhere and everywhere and are one of the fasted ways of cranking up your heart rate.

A simple and easy way to take your HIIT outside is sprints. Nine times out of ten sprinting outside is also going to be a lot safer than pounding a treadmill for 30 seconds and then jumping off a belt that’s flying around at a zillion miles an hour and hoping you don’t get caught in it. I speak from experience when I say it hurts, you take a serious knocking not just to your body but to your ego.

Outdoor Training: 100M Sprints

Find a clear bit of land, check for any nasty surprises (ie. poo) and then get ready go for it.

Unless you carry around a tape measure, the simplest way to measure out roughly 100m is to walk 130 steps. Mark your start and finish with something you have on you, such as a jacket and a water bottle.

Aim to complete 10 rounds. Exploding off from your start point and running as fast as you can.

Rest 30 - 90 seconds or until your heart rate recovers to around 130 bpm.

Take advantage of your surrounding, if you have stairs or a hill, crank up the intensity and push yourself all the way to the top. Sprinting outside is far more challenging than the flat of a treadmill.

Already workout outside?

Ways to add HIIT to your current outdoor routine

The Sundried EMOM workout

So first we brought you EHOH, now we want you to try EMOM, this time we’re talking every mile on the mile.

Whether you're a regular walker, runner or cyclist, if you already train outdoors, every mile crank up the intensity to increase your fat burn and fitness.

EMOM - Jump off your bike, pause your run or walk and throw in 10 explosive burpees.

Is it evil? Yes. Will it take your regular workout to a whole new level? Yes.