Suspend for a Six Pack : Suspension Trainer Ab Exercises

I think it's safe to say, everybody would love to have a six pack. Washboard abs are like the training Mecca. But there’s more to it than just dozens of crunches and a good instagram filter. We’ve all heard ‘abs are made in the kitchen’, but a good diet alone will not suffice. Multiple muscles make up your core and therefore to keep it strong you need to work them all, using multiple methods to keep your body guessing and constantly and consistently improving.

The muscles

The main muscles which make up a strong core are:

  • The External Obliques: The muscles which run along the sides and front of your stomach.
  • The Internal Obliques: These muscles sit behind your external obliques and run in the opposite direction.
  • The Transverse Abdominis: These muscles are the deepest abdominal muscles which wrap around your spine to protect and stabilize it.
  • The Rectus Abdominis: These muscles are the glamour muscles, located at the very front of your abdomen, it is these muscle which create the elusive six pack.

Core Suspension Training

In order to develop a strong core, you need to train your abdominals like you would any other muscle group, with a variety of exercises using multiple ranges of movement in multiple planes of motion, to maximise training results.

Suspension training can maximise your core strength because it puts your abs under constant tension. The premise of suspension training it that when you are suspended you are unstable because of this every single exercise you perform on a TRX or suspension trainer fires up your abdominals as your core is forced to constantly work at keeping you stabilized and hold your body balanced using your own bodyweight as leverage, think of it like a permanent floating plank. When we then start adding exercises designed to target your waist, not only will your abs be on fire, but you’ll fire up your results too!

With all these exercises it is important to keep good form, squeeze your shoulder blades together to prevent arching you back. Suck your tummy button into your spine and then imagine you're pulling it up towards your ribcage to engage your Transverse Abdominis.

TRX Fallouts

Grab your handles and face away from the anchor. Begin with the straps by your sides and slowly with control, fall forward as you bring your arms straight up above your head to align with your ears in one swift movement. Keeping your arms straight return them back to the starting point. The further away your feet are from the anchor point, the easier the exercise is as you are using less of your bodyweight as resistance.

TRX Fallouts

TRX Mountain Climbers

For this one you need to start in a plank position, hands underneath your shoulders with your feet in the trainer’s stirrups. Make sure you have shortened the length or the straps, now, before you end up with grazed knees! Keeping your hands stable crunch and bring each knee in towards the chest individually for a suspended mountain climber.

TRX Mountain Climbers

TRX Oblique Crunch

This one really works your obliques, but I suppose you got that from the name. Start in the same position as above, but this time both legs move in unison. Crunch your knees in diagonally towards your elbow and then straighten up into your regular plank, now match up the other side.

TRX Oblique Crunch

TRX Pendulum Swings

Pendulum swings start in the plank position, with your shoulders over your hands. This exercise requires you to balance and hold your core steady under momentum. Swing your legs side to side to gather some momentum, then begin bending the knees to perform a crunch on either side of your swing. This really targets your core from every angle.

Pull and Twist

Grab both handles and stand so that you are facing the anchor point. The closer your feet are to the anchor, the harder this will be as you're using more of your bodyweight. Lean back with your arms extended in front of you, pull your body weight up maintaining a neutral spine and twist your arms to point to the left, return to the start and repeat for the other side.

Spiderman crunch to plank up downs

Head back to the ground and return to your plank position, this time you’re going to bring each knee up towards your elbow. You should look like spiderman climbing, hence the name. Complete one per side and then progress into your plank up down. From your hand plank, take each arm down to an elbow plank and then return to start. All of this counts as one complete rep.

I promised you a six pack so there you have it, a six pack of suspension exercises… the rest is up to you.