I was excited to test the Mio Fuse. Not for its activity tracking but for its heart rate tracking that would record in the water. At least that was my assumption. Its waterproof and it records heart rate data. I know when I am swimming I am feeling like I am working out relatively hard, but without the signs of sweat it is hard to know just how hard you are actually training. Also as this watch is Ant+ it will record onto my Garmin watch. 

Mio Fuse Hear Rate Tracking

Pairing with an IPhone 6s the normal problems I have seen from Garmin devices. Not sure who to blame here. IPhone or Mio, but after a bit of fiddling about the devices are happily talking to each other. 

It wasn't immediately obvious to me if the Mio would actually record your heart rate data directly to the device or if you would need your phone connected. When connected your IPhone it will display your heart rate on the phone as well as the device, but I didn't want to start running with my phone, or having to lave my phone by the side of the pool. After a bit of playing about I found your heart rate activity is recorded and then synced at a later date. But like all new bits of tech kit. It just takes a little while to get used to it. As fun as it is to jump in without reading about or watching any instructional videos. Sometimes you need to have a quick read!

One thing I am very keen to test is heart rate data while swimming. I have no idea what my heart rate does with in the water. Apparently when your head hits the water things instinctively slow down. 

Heart Rate Data. Mio Fuse Swimming

Being able to review your heart rate during swimming is something new to me and the Mio Fuse is waterproof to 30m so pool swimming is just fine. 

The buttons are very sensitive on the Mio Fuse. During the day if your sleeve passes over the device it may scroll through the screes. It may also kick off the heart rate scanning. But I found in the pool when just performing swim drills, the pressure of the water was enough to kick off some of the button features. But once swimming the device stayed in heart rate tracking mode and seemed to record just fine. 

What I found though, surprisingly, my heart rate was sitting in a high zone 4 - zone 5. I had no idea I was working this hard in the pool, but my swim fitness obviously has a lot of room for improvement. I am not sure if this is just from fitness, or raised stress levels in the water for whatever reason. But to start to track data is of course an excellent place to start. 

Mio Fuse Ap showing average data from a swim tracking

heart rate data while swimming

heart rate data while swimming

Mio Fuse App showing heart rate zones. 

Heart Rate Zones while Swimming

Step Counting. Mio Fuse Vs Garmin Fenix 3

I have yet to find two step counters that work completely in sync but compared with the Garmin Fenix 3 the Mio Fuse is definitely not as generous with its step counting. For example a 2 hour bike ride on a Garmin may award you a few thousand steps. Not the Mio Fuse. A few hundred maybe. The same with pushing a pram for example, but none of the activity trackers seem to be that generous to parents pushing their kids about. 

But when actually running both devices tracked very close to each other. I did a 6k run followed by a 6k walk. 

Without any GPS information the Mio Fuse calculated the 6k run to be 6.19k. Pretty close I would say.  

Heart Rate Data. Mio Fuse vs Scosche

My everyday heart rate monitoring solution is Scosche band that goes around the arm. I have it very tight so it does not slip about and have had reliable data for over 1 year of training all sorts of excises. So how does the data compare between two devices that should in theory produce the same results. So to test between the two devices something that really challenges arm worn tracking devices is steps and intervals. So 10 flights of steps + a 2k run should present a challenge.

Garmin Connect returns (Using Scosche)

  • 146 bpm Avg HR
  • 182 bpm Max HR
Mio Fuse returs
  • 145 Avg HR
  • 182 Max HR

Believe it or not the below image is Garmin Connect overlaid with the app chart from Mio Fuse. Just dragged so they are the same scale. They perfectly align. 

 Heart Rate Data Overlayed between Mio Fuse and Garmin Connect

After a busy day the Garmin Fenix 3 recorded total calories of 2716 and the Mio Fuse 2870.