A base layer so comfy you will want to sleep in it.

Castelli Base Layer Flanders Review

When you buy a special item to add to your collection it is a nice bonus when it arrives in its own custom box. I see this leaning towards a nice stocking filler for a grown up cyclist! If you are into tech then maybe you can give a second thought to the nice package, before diving in and removing your premium base layer. 

Castelli Flanders Base Layer BoxedCastelli Flanders Base Layer Open Box

It may be cold, but it is good to cool off.  

Under Arm Technology

So a nice close-up for you of the perforated 100% polyester mesh under arms for 'additional cooling'. Our first test ride it's an average temperature of 9 degrees. Not overly cold, but nice to have the air vents as shown. It's cold enough to layer up and the mesh does allow for your arms to breath. The 2nd layer soaked up the sweat and actually left me pretty dry. 

Like most base layers not many people will get to see them on. Maybe your partner. Maybe your colleagues as you layer-up to cycle home. But this is some seriously stylish underwear. The detail on the back has the same attention as you would expect from a jersey. 

Castelli Flanders Base Layer Reverse


This top has a very long body and this is just what you want from base layers. Northing worse than a cold midriff when your top rides up as you ride out. It is nice and snug and follows the contours of a typical cyclist frame. 


As this top is so lightweight it is very quick to dry. I popped it on a radiator and this was dry in a few mins. You will forget you are wearing it. It dos not feel like a thermal item of clothing if that is what you are used to. If you are riding deep winter, then wear two of these. As Castelli recommend, doubling base layers is very effective. 

Base Layer under Jersey

Why Flanders?

Flanders is in Belgium and the perfect place for cyclists at all levels and abilities. Visit in Spring for the Tour of Flanders, famous for the cobbled climbs. Riding that takes in history, beautiful scenery and plenty of climbs and amazing roads. If you visit in the spring or winter be sure to take your new matching Castelli base layer. 

Overall this is an excellent top. Take care removing it when you are hot and sweaty and it clings to your skin. It is pretty thin and I can imagine if you pull it off in a hurry it could tear. One other thing. Keep it hidden from your partner or it could end up being a very nice fitting and comfortable lounge / sleep t-shirt. 

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