A diet packed with fruit and veg is absolutely beneficial to our health. Juicing is the latest craze to hit the market with blenders and juicers galore.

We know we need to eat our five or seven a day, and one of the easiest ways to achieve this is to juice. But it isn't that simple in reality, you can’t just juice and then be automatically healthy.


It is widely known that juicing offers low fat and nutrient rich drinks. One of the key elements is to remember that it should be used as part of a diet, not a diet on it’s own. Don't use it as a cleanse, as tempting as that is at the start of a new year. We digest juice quickly and this can lead us to feel hungry. So if you just juice and don't eat other whole foods, you can end up feeling terrible and it just isn’t sustainable.

You need to know what to put into your juice. The B and C vitamins are easily absorbed as juice, whilst A, E and K are better digested through food. Tomatoes also have more nutritional value when cooked. So it makes sense to eat according to nutritional benefit, rather than just blitzing it all up. Mix in green leafy vegetables, peppers, broccoli and so on to get the most nutrition out of your juice 

Be prepared that it might not taste amazing. Those people smiling on the adverts are paid to make it look good. Depending on your combination, it might end up tasting like sweaty socks. It will take you some time to work out what tastes good. The internet is full of tried and tested recipes, so it should narrow down your recipe search. Add things like cayenne pepper to spice up a dull mix. Experiment and have fun.

Green Juice Drink

When it comes to drinking your juice, you are usually told to take your time and enjoy. Not in this instance, because the faster you drink it, the better. The fruit and veg is liquified and start to loose nutrients immediately, so the quick you get it in you, the better it is.

Juicing isn't a diet, it is part of a healthy diet and should be treated as such. There are plenty of benefits to doing it. Find your perfect recipe and let us know what it is!