• Fitness Wearable Brand Mio Global Changes To PAI Health

    Mio Global Fitness Wearables

    Sundried has reviewed a few of the Mio Global fitness wearables over the years, including the Mio Fuse, Mio Alpha 2, and Mio Slice featuring Personal Activity Intelligence. Now, the global fitness wearables brand is making a big change.

    Mio's latest innovation is PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence) - the new activity tracking metric and app. PAI was first introduced on the Mio SLICE earlier this year. Moving forward, in order to accelerate the adoption of PAI, they are working with partners who have successfully scaled and are looking to grow further with innovations in sensor analytics.

    As such, they have made the decision to no longer produce devices themselves, and are instead working on developing a cloud-based software platform that will integrate with other devices and systems to expand the PAI ecosystem. One of the biggest projects they are working on is developing a PAI Apple Watch app which will be available early 2018. This will allow many new people to benefit from using PAI.

    To align with their new focus, they will be changing their brand name from Mio Global to PAI Health. Their new website is PAIhealth.com and their social media is changing to PAIhealth as well.

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  • Silent Disco Fitness - The Future of Outdoor Personal Training?

    Matt Boyles Wireless Fitness Silent Disco Fitness

    Hello, my name’s Matt Boyles, I’m a Personal Trainer based in South West London – I’m also proud to be a Sundried Ambassador. In addition to this, I run the Male FitWear Style Blog, Xythlete (www.instagram.com/XYthlete) but today I’m going to talk about my other company, Wireless Fitness.

    You might not know the name, but you’ve probably come across the concept in the last couple of years: silent disco fitness. You might even have seen us on Dragon’s Den 18 months ago…!

    Wireless Fitness Matt Boyles Dragons Den

    With my business partner Dom, we realised that fitness instructors needed to be able to run their music-based classes in the park, however, council noise restrictions mean you can’t just play music out loud via a speaker. So we took the best parts of silent discos (lots of people hearing the same music through wireless headphones), and made it better by adding a microphone to the transmitter, meaning that with our Wireless Fitness kit, instructors can now speak to their class and transmit music at the same time, in crystal clarity, without disturbing anyone nearby.

    Matt Boyles Sundried Ambassador Wireless Fitness Bootcamp London

    We sell the equipment to fitness instructors and boot camp owners who want to add a major USP to their classes in a cluttered market. We also sell lots of kits to Spin studios and gyms (often in residential areas) who have had, or are nervous about receiving noise complaints – once they use the equipment, it reduces the risk of being shut down by the council to 0. Our third main customers are instructors who are tired of paying £60 to hire a studio every time they want to teach: grab our kit, head outside and away you go – better still, they never have to turn away anyone from a full studio!

    As I’m a Personal Trainer and I love music – I really love music – it made sense for me to start running my own class with the kit as well… So I did!

    I curate amazing, themed playlists each week, covering musical themes such as animals, Easter, one-name musical icons (e.g. Cher, Coolio (!) Prince, Lorde, Rihanna, Madonna) and most recently, summer (and amazingly it didn’t rain during that class).

    As a nice extra benefit to attending the class, I send out the playlist each week, so the members can re-live it in their kitchens the next day!

    What I love about running the class is the energy I get back from the attendees. The class itself is a high energy mix of strength training, HIIT and a bit of endurance, so it really works you hard all over, however everyone always says the headphones distract you from the exhaustion, while simultaneously helping you work a bit harder – it’s win-win.

    We’ve got a great group of regulars now; it’s a really friendly bunch with no attitude, just supportive people enjoying getting fit in the sun with amazing music and my terrible puns.

    However, there is always space for a few more, if you would like to come down and try it out, it’s just £10 for the best hour of exercise in the UK – email me on matt@fitteryou.net if you’d like to know more beforehand.

    Mtt Boyles Cycling Wireless Fitness Outdoors Personal Training

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  • Interview With Mike Reilly: The Voice of IRONMAN

    Mike Reilly Ironman Announcer

    Mike Reilly is a legend among the triathlon community and thousands of triathletes around the world will have heard him announce those immortal words "You are an IRONMAN!"

    We sat down with Mike to talk all things triathlon and find out more about a man who has been at the heart of the triathlon world for decades.

    You're best known to triathletes around the world as 'the voice of IRONMAN'. How did you first get into announcing? 

    I was asked to pick up a microphone at a running event. I went to watch since I couldn't run and the race director asked me to announce.

    You have been at the heart of the triathlon world for decades. What are your thoughts on the way triathlon and the racing scene has changed over the years?

    It's changed with technology, coaching, nutrition, everyone has gotten smarter with training and recovery. But we have been constant since the beginning and have not changed as it is still swim/bike/run! Plus the distances of IRONMAN remain the same.

    This may be a tough one: what has been the most memorable event that you've announced at/attended and why? 

    There isn't just one but a few stand out. IRONMAN Hawaii just a month after 9/11 when American Tim DeBoom won. Paula Newby-Fraser breaking 9:00 hours going 8:55 which was a first for a woman. And every age grouper that has overcome incredible odds to even get to an IRONMAN start line!

    Mike Reilly Ironman triathlon announcer

    You have been an important part of several huge ventures over the years (Road Runner Sports, RACEPLACE, Active.com to name a few). What has been the highlight of your career so far? 

    After all the great businesses I've been a part of, the highlight of my career happens at every start line of an IRONMAN I am at. Knowing 2,500 dreams are going to come true that day cannot be topped!

    What would you say makes IRONMAN so special and different from other sporting and endurance events? 

    Because it pulls out something in people they didn't know they had, and when they discover it their lives are changed forever.

    Another tough one: Which is your favorite IRONMAN race and why? 

    For the answer to that, you'll have to check page 221 of my book.

    Mike's new book - Finding My Voice - is available now

    Mike Reilly Finding My Voice book

    Which pro triathletes do you think are the ones to watch over the next few years? Anyone that you think might surprise us? 

    Nothing the pros do surprises me; they compete and raise their levels of performance at every event. Plus, we all probably have no idea who that top pro will be in 5 years. Who knew 2 years ago that Gustav Iden would win the 70.3 World Championship this year?

    On a more personal side, which has been your favorite race to compete in over the years and why? 

    Any century bike ride.

    What advice would you give to new triathletes and anyone who might be thinking about doing an IRONMAN in the future? 

    Just sign up, then go join a triathlon club, get a coach and get out on the road. Live by the manta "Excuses are invalid".

    Who inspires you? 

    My family.

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  • These 5 'Healthy' Protein Bars Contain More Sugar Than A Donut

    glazed donut

    If you've been reaching for protein bars as part of a healthy diet in the hopes of boosting your protein intake and losing weight while building lean muscle, you may want to check out these 5 'healthy' protein bars which actually have more sugar and calories than a donut.

    Krispy Kreme Glazed Donut Nutritional Information

    We'll be comparing the 'healthy' protein bars to a classic: the Krispy Kreme glazed donut. If you're on a diet, trying to lose weight, or just trying live a healthy lifestyle, no way would you go near one of these. But shockingly, they contain fewer calories, carbs, sugar, and fat than a lot of the 'healthy' foods on our list.

    We've created a handy table at the end of the article directly comparing the stats of the 'healthy' foods with the donut.

    One Krispy Kreme Glazed Donut contains:

    190 calories

    11g of fat

    22g of carbohydrates

    10g of sugar

    3g of protein

    Krispy Kreme Donuts Nutritional Information

    Myprotein Baked Chocolate Cookie

    Myprotein cites the key 'benefits' of eating this cookie being that it's high in protein, vegan-friendly, and baked using high quality ingredients. While 13g of protein is certainly high compared to a normal cookie, it still contains a lot of calories and sugar (much more than our Krispy Kreme donut).

    You'd probably be better off eating a grilled chicken breast (or suitable vegan alternative) to get your protein hit and then enjoy a delicious donut, leaving you having consumed fewer calories and carbs than if you'd eaten one of these cookies. 

    One Myprotein Baked Chocolate Cookie contains:

    289 calories 

    8.6g of fat

    38g of carbohydrates

    16g of sugar

    13g of protein

    Multipower Power Pack Bar

    The Multipower Power Pack bar is marketed as being a 'healthy snack' and claims to contain 27% high quality protein. While this may be true, it also contains as much sugar as a Krispy Kreme and less protein than 100g of quinoa. 

    One Multipower Power Pack Bar contains:

    145 calories 

    4.7g of fat

    14g of carbohydrates

    11g of sugar

    11g of protein

    Myprotein High Protein Flapjack

    The Myprotein flapjack is a formidable snack, containing a huge 324 calories (as much as a small meal) and an impressive 20g of sugar (almost twice as much as the donut). Despite this, it still contains less protein than a standard chicken breast or protein shake.

    Why not enjoy a normal snack like a bar of chocolate so that you don't feel like you're depriving yourself, which would contain fewer calories and less sugar than this flapjack, and then top up your protein intake through a natural source like eggs, steak, or quinoa. 

    One Myprotein High Protein Flapjack contains:

    324 calories 

    11g of fat

    32g of carbohydrates

    20g of sugar

    20g of protein

    Nutramino Protein Bar

    The Nutramino Protein Bar is marketed as being a healthy on-the-go snack, boasting about its 20g of protein. However, it contains 4g more sugar than a donut and more than twice the fat found in a Mars bar. 

    One Nutramino Protein Bar contains:

    290 calories 

    14g of fat

    22g of carbohydrates

    15g of sugar

    20g of protein

    Science In Sport Protein Bar

    Finally, we have the Science In Sport protein bar. SIS are world-renowned for their energy gels and are proud to fuel such athletes as Chris Froome and Olympic medallists. However, their protein bar contains almost twice as much sugar as a donut and is calorie-rich at 223 calories. 

    One Science In Sport Protein Bar Contains:

    223 calories 

    6.4g of fat

    21g of carbohydrates

    18g of sugar

    20g of protein

    Nutritional Comparison

     Product Calories Fat Carbs Sugar Protein
    Krispy Kreme Donut 190 11g 22g 10g 3g
    Myprotein Cookie 289 8.6g 38g 16g 13g
    Multipower Bar 145 4.7g 14g 11g 11g
    Myprotein Flapjack 324 11g 32g 20g 20g
    Nutramino Bar 290 14g 22g 15g 20g
    Science In Sport Bar 223 6.4g 21g 18g 20g

    Key Takeaways

    The point we're trying to make here is that there are are lot of products out there that are being marketed to us as being 'healthy' when they really aren't. Nutrition and weight loss are difficult enough as it is without struggling to know what you should and shouldn't eat. 

    As always, check the labels on what you are eating and educate yourself on how much of each macronutrient (fat, carbs, protein) you should be eating each day, as well as how much fibre you need (hint: it's more than you think!) and limiting your sugar intake.

    These days, sugar is added into everything and so limiting your intake can be difficult. Make informed choices and don't be tricked into eating something just because of the way it's sold to you. Natural foods will always be healthier than packaged foods, and if you want a treat from time to time then go ahead! You can still indulge without going too far over your daily caloric allowance. 

    Remember: weight loss is only possible if you maintain a caloric deficit, meaning you burn more calories than you consume. You only need a 500 calorie daily deficit to lose 1lb of fat every week. Eating one 190-calorie donut probably isn't going to bust your diet, but a 324-calorie 'healthy' flapjack might! 

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  • Sustainable Clothing – Best Eco Friendly Products

    It is now easier than ever to choose fair trade, sustainable clothing instead of opting for cheap, fast fashion which is bad for both the environment and the people in the production chain. We take a closer look at the best eco friendly products when buying sustainable clothing. 

    Sundried Eco Tech Biodegradable Fitness Top

    Biodegradable Fitness Tops

    The t-shirt in the photo above looks pretty unremarkable, doesn't it? A quality white t-shirt which is stretchy, comfortable, and features performance technology such as sweat wicking and anti odour. Well, that's not so hard to find, right? What if I told you that the t-shirt in the photo is actually biodegradable, and instead of laying in landfill for the next century, it would decompose naturally in three short years? Pretty incredible!

    The t-shirt in question is the Eco Tech women's fitness top by Sundried and is made from the world's first biodegradable polyamide yarn. In a world of fast fashion, we rarely think about where our clothes end up once we throw them out. Do they get recycled? Do they get given to the homeless? Not really. In fact, 85% of textil waste ends up in landfill where it will stay for hundreds of years, taking up space and hurting the environment.

    Instead, why not invest in a technical, performance-enhance biodegradable fitness t-shirt such as the Sundried Eco Tech women's fitness top? It features some of the world's best performance qualities so is perfect for running, cycling, yoga, Pilates, gym workouts, and all number of sports.  

    Bamboo Textile

    Bamboo is a natural, organic raw material which is sustainable and perfect for clothing as well as accessories like gloves. Bamboo is an eco-friendly replacement for plastic as it is renewable and can be replenished quickly. Bamboo grows extremely quickly – some species up to a metre a day! – which means it's perfect for harvesting at high rates for turning into textiles and is easily renewable. When it comes to greenhouse emissions, bamboo minimises CO2 and generates up to 35% more oxygen than equivalent stands of trees.

    There are now lots of different brands and companies who use bamboo as a raw material for their textiles, including Sundried. It has many advantages over cotton and hopefully will be used more widely as time goes on.

    Sundried bamboo gloves

    Organic workout clothes

    When you think organic, chances are you think about food. Organic food is not treated with pesticides and organic meat, dairy and poultry comes from animals which have not been given growth hormones or antibiotics.

    Organic textiles are clothing made from materials raised in or grown in compliance with organic agricultural standards. Organic clothing may be composed of materials like cotton or jute. Sundried's yoga mat is made from organic jute fibre which is a vegetable fibre similar to hemp or flax. Jute is one of the most affordable natural fibres, second only to cotton in the amount produced and variety of uses. This means it is an excellent choice for textiles and products like the Sundried yoga mat as well as products like yoga clothes. 

    Sundried Jute yoga mat

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