Mio Slice Heart Rate

Mio Slice Heart Rate Activity Tracker Featuring Groundbreaking PAI TM Technology.

Mio Slice is the first activity tracker that provides meaningful insight into how much activity users need to live a healthy life.

Slice is the first wrist wearable to feature PAI, which stands for Personal Activity Intelligence TM. Instead of counting steps as a measurement of activity, PAI is a new metric that translates heart rate data into a simple, meaningful score that tells users how much activity they need to live a longer, healthier life.*

PAI gives users a personalised prescription for exercise through one simple goal: keep your weekly PAI score at or above 100 for optimal health. Users can earn PAI points by doing any activity that increases their heart rate—even those that don’t involve steps—and earn points faster with higher intensity activities.

Mio Slice PAI

With our mission to also encourage people to lead active, healthy lifestyles by empowering them with insights into their activity levels to better manage their health. PAI is a simple, scientifically-backed activity metric that consumers can now experience through the Slicetracker.” said Liz Dickinson, Founder and CEO of Mio Global.

In addition to tracking all-day heart rate and daily and weekly PAI scores, Slice delivers smartphone notifications and tracks sleep, calories burned, distance and more with a simple one-button operation. Slice syncs with the Mio PAI app (available for free on the Apple Store and Google Play Store) so users can review further details on their heart rate, PAI scores and other activity metrics.

The Mio Slice retails at £119.

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