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Mio's new Personal Activity Intelligence score turns your heart rate into an activity score that tells you how much you should be doing to stay healthy.

Mio's revolutionary new PAI system was developed by Ulrik Wisløff, a health and exercise research scientist who used a study done on 45,000 people over 25 years to create an algorithm that uses heart rate data to show how much exercise each individual needs to stay healthy.

Your goal is to finish the week with a PAI score of over 100 which indicates that your level of activity will increase your lifespan.

In order to start using their Personal Activity Intelligence, users need to download the PAI app and then use their Mio wearable during a training session. PAI then uses this data to give the user instant feedback and a PAI score.

Pai is simple to use in every activity you do as long as it raises your heart rate.