The final piece of the puzzle has been played. Mio’s latest firmware update allows wearers to monitor their sleep.

Mio Fuse Sleep Tracking is here

After installing the new update via the Mio Go app, sleeping tracking is ready and waiting.

Press and hold both the left and right touch points and you watch your watch will ask “sleep?”, tap to confirm and hit the mattress. Fuse will even display a good night message..

Fast forward an optimistic 8 hours and when you awake press and hold the left and right touch points once more until Fuse asks “wake?”, confirm to collect your morning greeting and return to all-day mode.

The app will then display the level of your sleep (awake/light/deep), its duration and sleep efficiency. A great tool for all athletes to monitor as sufficient sleep is so vital for recovery.

So who’s itching to catch some ZZZ’s now and give it a go? But remember, no snoozing in the office!

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